Rushuaq @EMEA 33th 2-5

AlPi 664

PreNic showed me the ways of Rushuaq. I tweaked the deck a bit, and I was convinced this was an amazing swiss deck.

Don't fixate on the 2-5 score too much, I still believe the deck is very good. And very fun to play! I had to face 2 Sable's, 1 419, 3 Esa's and 1 Lat.
I have to admit, I didn't really test the deck against crim beforehand. Turns out the deck is very tight on money and if you get dof'ed you get stalled and prob lose.
Esa is not a bad matchup because we can use Hybrid Release to use the face downs. And we can stack sentry's which is annoying for Laamb + drunk cat. But my god, Issuaq is useless if your seamless launch gets sabotaged from R&D.

I got a bit unlucky through the whole tournament on the corp side. I think I saw seamless launch 3 or 4 times in total the whole tournament. I triggered my id twice the whole tournament.

Hybrid Release can be weirdly tempo positive. I mostly install this in my scoring remote, if it survives you can use Hansei Review to guarantee the agenda effect.
You can pull off a very convoluted 4 point turn:

Install Hybrid Release + Holoman in remote. It survives.
Next turn click 1: Hansei Review a 2 pointer
Click 2: Seamless launch the Hybrid for 2 points, install the 2 pointer with the HoloMan
Click 3: use HoloMan to score out the 2 pointer you just installed. Sadly this won't trigger youre id so 4 points in total.

Or you know...just use HoloMan + Seamless Launch on a Fujii for 4 points...

Make your opponent suffer:

1) Ask here and there how many credits they have and how many cards in hand. Pretend you're on punitive!
2) Install an agenda + advance it once. They don't know you're not on Charlotte/NGO Front.
3) Use Snare to protect your HoloMan
4) Daniela + Fujii + Anemone is a nice combo if the runner isn't on matchpoint

This deck can sometimes trigger a magical moment: an overadvanced Project Yagi-Uda. What does this counter even do? 100% chance of your opponent having to read this card.

In the 70ish games I played this deck, this magical moment has happened 3 times so far.

If you want to read my EMEA Journey I wrote it in my runner writeup.

I met so many cool people. A big in person netrunner tournament is always good fun. Thx for everyone who helped organise/running this event!

2 Jul 2024 PreNic

Yes! :)

3 Jul 2024 HaverOfFun

Damnnnn I had no idea you were cool like this?!? I thiught for sure it was the Data Loop thing - rough draw and matchups but still a groovy deck!

3 Jul 2024 ayyyliens

So when are we going to have an intervention about this issuaq addiction?

4 Jul 2024 Wenjong

+1 to [[Make your opponent suffer]] section ... Jinteki is Psi ^^