Swift Lat @EMEA 33th 6-1

AlPi 664

My swift Lat went 6-1 while my Issuaq rush deck went 2-5. I played out every game in swiss. Here is my corp writeup.

Inside Job?

Architect Deployment Test and Eminent Domain almost always installs big ice on the outermost position, Inside Job is tech against this.
I love this card in general in Deep Dive decks, just be careful not to bypass an Anansi!

My EMEA journey:

Round 1) runner split belazor PD Esa:
close games, against PD I had to diesel and nuka twice in 1 turn just to find a Deep Dive in time, which I used the next turn to close out the game.
Belazor would have scored out the turn after if I did not find any agenda.

Round 2) runner split Torpedotyrus Sports Sable:
easy win against sports because of finding an early ikawa with trick shot

Round 3) I swept Tradon Asa Sable:
I couldn't ask for a more perfect game against Asa, I could either Diesel or Nuka every click 1. Had an early Swift. Could play a run event every turn.
Tier 1 deck if this is the order you get.

Round 4) runner split spongetrim Build to Last 419:
This was a rush Build to Last, I was very afraid of Public Trail + eotl so did not duck under 7 credits the whole game.
Because of so many agenda's found by just poking central, I could easily close out the game with a Deep Dive.

I swept Tradon and had runner split with the rest bringing me to a 5-3 score, 3 more rounds to go I was full of hope to make top cut.

I was chilling in a comfy couch until a player who I admire spoke to me:
"Hey AlPi, we got matched this round. Follow me to the table pls"
it was Jan Tuno.
I was a bit starstruck and double-checked the pairings immediately, it was indeed true. I still didn't lose hope and tried my best but...

Round 5) Jan Tuno swept me:
Lost with corp first, I was expecting that one. But with Lat I would surely win, I even had the Inside Job tech against them.
I got a bit of a slow start and on Turn 4 there was already a rezzed Archer on the scoring remote and on R&D...wtf???
I got stomped.

With 5 losses I couldn't make top cut anymore, so the only thing left to do was play out every game and have fun.

Round 6) I swept baralai Asa Lat, I love this man. He is so fun to play with!

The great legend of baralai and the double game loss:
He got flooded after a muligan, installed rashida and an agenda in the same remote...game loss...we played out the other game which I won fairly.
After our games, judge comes to us and gives baralai a second game loss for his corp game because his previous opponent had apparently still one of his agenda's.
This guy managed to get flooded with 1 less agenda and gets a game loss for his corp game in 2 different ways. What a legend!

Round 7) runner split davz131 azmari esa:
it was djupstad azmari, I was rich enough to not care about punitive. And davz couldn't find a holoman so had to manually advance giving away if it's an agenda or not. If kill azmari gets a better start, this can be a hard matchup.

I met so many cool people. A big in person netrunner tournament is always good fun. Thx for everyone who helped organise/running this event! Congrats to Tuno for winning it all, pls don't snipe me in swiss ever again x

2 Jul 2024 Gathzen

Congrats on the great Runner performance! It was also great meeting you in person!

Thanks for the deck as well, I didn't do as well as you, but I still enjoyed playing it! I don't think my choice of going 1x Burner instead of 3rd Deep Dive was correct.

3 Jul 2024 HaverOfFun

Getting starstruck by the best Ob player is a super valid reason for missing out on the clean sweep! Incredible work nonetheless!

3 Jul 2024 awildturtok

Hey, first game was against me. Was nice meeting you.

4 Jul 2024 Wenjong

All hail to the Swift Lat Prophet himself ^^

Amazing deck and the world shall see!