Comrades' Potato v 1.00001, KoS and 4th overall, Manchester

Tolaasin 747

Standard Comrade's Potato PU build, dropping 1 IPO for a Voter Intimidation, publishing only for the AlwaysBeRunning link. The deck choice turned out to be a really good meta call on the day, and got me 3 concessions well inside time after my opponents milled themselves out. 3-0 in Swiss, beating Ken, Smoke and Leela, and Steve in a side game with @angedelo after we ID'ed in the last round. 0-1 in the cut, losing to Hayley who got a turn 1 Feedback Filter down - even so, the win was in my hands as we went to time, my opponent Mad Dash'ed archives when level at 3 points each, last turn, to steal a HoK that I'd somehow overlooked (with a Preemptive in my hand). Props to @simonmoon for suggesting I play the deck, and spectating me over the last week as I flailed around learning it. It turns out that once you know how Whampoa works, it's actually a good card.