NBN... Iceless? V1.0

Cancer Ace 156

This is a bad idea. I'm just going to put that out there.

The basic idea is to play shell games and let them steal an agenda, preferably TGTBT, then punish them for their tags with Scorched Earth, Closed Accounts, and Bad Times.

Score Breaking News from hand when you have it, use your identity and Jackson to get your combo pieces, and keep your economy as high as possible with Hedge Fund and Sweeps Week. They might attempt to trash Private Contracts and Marked Accounts, but that's alright because the fewer credits they have the stronger your trace will be as well.

Midseason Replacements after they grab an agenda and follow up with Psychographics.

With any luck, they won't expect to hit cards like Snare! Better still is Psychic field, since it will hit them when they expose as well.

I plan to test this build, but I expect luck will play a large part in my games. Will post any further results, and let me know if anyone has any feedback.

2 Jul 2014 GPWK

This sounds like shenanigans. I think it'll be entertaining to see played at the least.

3 Jul 2014 gravity

I'm also digging NBN3 cheese decks! Never thought of running Psychic Field without some way to kill the runner though.

Here's my iteration... I guess it's less ballsy as it DOES pack ICE, but oh well. netrunnerdb.com

3 Jul 2014 gravity

@Cancer Ace Dang it, wrong link. Here goes. netrunnerdb.com

4 Jul 2014 yornheeim

Any multiaccess with crush you. Nowadays one deck make every one to include nerve or medium in their decks. So. Even more traps, probably advancable. Project Junebug, Plan B and Thomas Haas for money.

8 Jul 2014 GPWK

@yornheeim Never play Plan Bad Card

8 Jul 2014 GPWK

@yornheeim Never play Plan Bad Card