2 Grid for 2 Place (2nd at Worlds 2019 and 1st at CoL)

Testrunning 673

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So this deck can take you to a second place at worlds, but only if you were on the way to make first. Other than that it is just a standard good stuff palana. Although if you want, you can make some interesting plays - like accidentally installing two LaCosta Grids to get a game loss in the grand finals which lets you nicely skip a game, you would lose anyways.

Well, anyways, I played this deck at Crown of Lasers and Worlds and did fairly well with it. At CoL I played two Yagis-Udas instead of SSL and CVS, which were some last minutes changes. SSL was good and reduced the agenda density. CVS felt good as well, though I think it was not a good tech card as it only improved the already really good crim match up. Cutting it and an IP Block for Crisium and another cheap ice like a third thimblerig would have probably helped more with the rough Anarch match up.

So the only loss against Crim was the first match in CoL against @Wet Toastie, were I just did not yet know how to play this deck (ice up centrals against crim, purge and have plenty of time to win before they find all their breakers and enough money).

Against Anarch on the other hand I lost thrice (twice with apoc), though that might be skewed as these were some of the best players I faced.

Shaper is an interesting match up about outpacing each other. Your late game plan is to have two Etr Effects as they can only break Excalibur with Pelangi once. Here I had only one loss as well but I faced them less than Crim.

Cards choices:

  1. La Costa is actually a really good card, which lets you never advance Niseis but more importantly just saves you clicks. So you can just stick NGOs and Biovaults in the remote while you draw for your Niseis or do more stuff the turn before or after scoring.

  2. Scarcity was really good as well. Some games I played it turn one and it stayed the whole game. This just cripples so many runner econs giving you the time to score out. Apoc is not scary if the runner has no money.

  3. I did not play Preemptive. It does nothing to make your deck faster, which is your game plan. Might be cute against Stargate, but scoring out fast is good against that as well.

  4. Ice is just value cheap ice with a few big ones if you have too much money.

Last but not least shoutout to @Pinsel who gave me the original list and won the finals (well deserved as his asa deck is just the better deck, which I could not have played myself; at least not nearly as well). Shout out as well to @JackMade who carried all three of us to a win at CoL and whose Freedom deck carried me through worlds. Also to the whole NWE team for decktesting, tips and moral support and the Nisei team for the amazing event and keeping the game alive.

7 Oct 2019 Krasty

it`s so sad we cannot see your final game... I wish you much more nerv.O.sity for your next final game! :o)

7 Oct 2019 Krasty

ehm much less of course...

9 Oct 2019 JackMade

Very well done my friend. Thank you for your kind words. :)

9 Oct 2019 JackMade

@KrastyYou can watch the games, that were played on stream here: www.twitch.tv

9 Oct 2019 Krasty

@JackMade: I know, I was there .. I meaned, that it`s so pitty, that we cannot see more from first final game with this nice deck

9 Oct 2019 vesper

Congratulations for an amazing performance and thanks for participating :)

10 Oct 2019 JackMade

@KrastyGotcha! Yeah, the first game was so suddenly over. @Testrunningsaid it was probably looking bad for him anyways but i think there was still some game to be played if it wasn't for that mistake.

11 Oct 2019 RaduChinan

My local rules don't allow for the Uprising booster cards to be included, since none of us has access to them. Is this deck playable without the La Costa Grids? If yes, what would be a reasonable substitute? If not, should I stick to Loop Palana instead? Thank you very much.

12 Oct 2019 Testrunning

@RaduChinan if you play without LaCosta, you should definitely cut bio vaults for battys. Maybe - 2 bio vault, - 3 lacosta, - 2 IpBlock, + 3 batty, + 2 kagugo, + 2 crisium. Im not sure though, but should be good enough