Fist of Power

ThePatrician 44

Hailing from South Africa, I have an affinity for the Kitara cycle cards especially Freedom. Took this to a recent store champs and went 2-1 on the day, finishing 6th with a Nightmare PE corp deck. The build is pretty straightforward. Keiko and companions are solid drip for the deck and a must for an ealry find. ZerO is address an age old issue of draw for Baba Khumalo, and works well. Central pressure with the First of Power on HQ and Stargate on R&D, along with Freedoms ability is value in pushing the corp to over-invest in defending centrals. Econ: Fermenter, Poemu+Keiko, Liberateds and event econ. Consume is handy when it's online. Tools: Hippos, DJ Steve (because recurring our pressure cards and econ is fun), Hunting Grounds for faceplanting Spiders, turning off Funhouse, etc. Does nothing for Anenomne so be careful ;), Pinholes. Flex Slots - Drop the Leech for the 3rd Hippo.

18 May 2023 osintelligence

@ThePatrician How do you go consistency wise finding your 1x Consume? I see variants on 2x or sometimes 1x and SMC, or even Gachapon? Love your Khumalo decks! The first without FTT?

30 May 2023 ThePatrician

Heyo @osintelligence in this build Consume is a mid-game find. ZerO (ofc) helps with draw. Feels weird not running FtT. Love that card!