TV Teia (Jinteki Fast Advance)

Sokka 4852

This is the corp deck I brewed for APAC Continentals alongside Freedom. The fast advance capabilities of A Teia with Moon Pool and Audacity are pretty busted.

This deck can theoretically score out on turn 4. A hand of Bacterial Programming, Moon Pool, Audacity, and any 2 agendas allow you to fast advance BacPro from hand at a cost of 4 credits. Then BacPro puts 5 cards back in hand and you can do it again next turn.

I theorycrafted this while riding trains/buses between cities in Europe. I didn’t play a single test game before the tournament and I went 4-1 with the one loss due to a horrible draw against Hoshiko who installed Hermes and didn’t have to do anything else as I flooded and struggled to manage agendas.

Shoutout to crowphie (SendMeSpirals) who came up with the deck name. I played the tournament on an airbnb TV in Annecy by downloading a browser and plugging in a mouse 😆

Overall I’m quite happy with how things went. I was 7-1 after round 4 and turns out I could have ID’d into cut; hindsight can be gutting. It’s probably better I didn’t make it tho because waking up at 4am, staying out until 1am, and then waking up again at 4am would be an awful idea especially with plans to go paragliding later that day 😅

Looking forward to in-person American Continentals in Seattle!

6 Aug 2023 Sanjay

Hope paragliding went well! Thanks for posting this monster list.

Looks like a blast.

6 Aug 2023 crowphie

Our games were a blast. Hope you had fun in the sky!

6 Aug 2023 mcg

If you're still in Annecy and like escape rooms you should definitely check out Celestia and Mrs. Ming's Old Shop at L'atelier Des Enigmes.

I'm sure the deck is fun too.

6 Aug 2023 Sokka

@mcg oh nooooo. I just looked it up and that seems right up my alley but unfortunately we leave in the morning. We totally would have done this today had we known and now I’m kicking myself for not posting my lists a day earlier!

Guess I’ll have to come back to Annecy sometime and also post my decklists earlier…

22 Jan 2024 damita54

In a testament to innovation and strategic brilliance, this APAC Continentals Corp deck, designed in tandem with Freedom, showcases the potency of A Teia paired with Moon Pool and Audacity. The deck's fast advance capabilities are nothing short of game-changing, offering the potential to score out by turn 4.

Crafted during European travels without a single test game, the deck's theoretical efficiency proved its worth in the tournament with an impressive 4-1 record. The unique combo of Bacterial Programming, Moon Pool, and Audacity allows for rapid advancement, putting the pressure on opponents from the outset.

The deck's one setback, a challenging match against Hoshiko, only highlighted the strength of the strategy. With a nod to crowphie for the clever deck name, the tournament was played on an unconventional setup—a borrowed Airbnb canlı tv in Annecy, proving that adaptability is key to success.

Although missing out on the cut due to hindsight decisions, the overall performance was commendable. The commitment to both Netrunner and real-life adventures, including paragliding plans, added an extra layer of excitement. As the journey continues, anticipation builds for the in-person American Continentals in Seattle—a new arena for this groundbreaking deck to make its mark.