Simulchip Freedom

Sokka 5168

Simulchip Freedom is not bad! It’s a very flexible runner who is able to pressure hard early and control the board late.

My Corp Deck is definitely more flashy, interesting, and new so check that out if you haven’t.

I had no idea what corps to expect since I had no time to test and barely time to theorycraft some decks so I thought this kind of Freedom was a safe choice because Freedom lets you deal with assets and with combo decks while the Simulchip package gives you flexibility to adapt to new things on the fly while enabling Clot to deal with fast advance.

On the day it went 3-3 with 2 loses due to being unable to keep up with PD and Asa and the third loss due to my own misplay against R+ followed by some bad draws.

Overall I’m quite happy with how things went. I was 7-1 after round 4 and turns out I could have ID’d into cut; hindsight can be gutting. It’s probably better I didn’t make it tho because waking up at 4am, staying out until 1am, and then waking up again at 4am would be an awful idea especially with plans to go paragliding later that day 😅

Looking forward to in-person American Continentals in Seattle!

6 Aug 2023 Baa Ram Wu

Hey @Sokka- gotta ask about the choice of Odore over Mimic or Num.

Love the A-teia deck btw!

6 Aug 2023 Sokka

@Baa Ram Wu Hey! I’m not sure which is better. My first draft of the list played Ice Carver and Cookbook so Odore met the 3 virtual thing. I didn’t think to change the Odore after cutting Ice Carver and Cookbook so that’s why there is Odore 😅. Thinking about it now, Num and Mimic are both definitely better. Probably Num is the way to go

6 Aug 2023 Baa Ram Wu

Ahhh - I wondered if you used to have a few more virtuals in there.

Yeah - the choice between those is pretty interesting. Mimic much better Vs most HB, NbN and PE and Num much better Vs Weyland and Anansi toting Jinteki decks. I would suspect that with Engolo and Botulus/simulchip that mimic mignt actually be the way to go.