Angry Waitress

Disturbed1 237

My take on the Endless Appetizers deck. PAD Campaign and Sundew are your main source of income. Play them out naked. Sure, the runner CAN run and trash the Sundews to keep you from getting the money, but doing so gives you the added benefit of click compression on the runner side. If they don't want you to get that $2 they HAVE to run there first. They'll give up sooner or later, especially if the cost is high, thanks to it being IG.

Kitsune could potentially be huge for this deck. Cycling that and Snare! (which is what you always want to show your opponent) can do a lot of damage fast, which will hurt even more if you can manage to keep Blacklist out.

I cant decide if I like this specific one or -2 Cerebral Overwriter +1 Ronin +1 Scorched Earth better, though, so take that as you will.