TGI Fridays' Endless Appetizers

LSK 4668

Thanks for ordering endless appetizers!

Your choices are Shock and Cerebral Cast.

And they'll keep coming.




Museum of History is the key card here - it makes your deck bottomless, which means the damage keeps coming.

Usually, the runner has an advantage in the late game, because a runner can R&D-lock the corp or threaten every server. With Museum of History, though, you can keep shuffling Snares and econ back into your deck and grind the runner down. Your deck always has 3 Snares in it. Your Archives always has face-down cards.

Most importantly: You get to draw your Cerebral Casts over. And over. And over. And over.

There's a couple of kill options that are good throughout the entire game: You can proactively win with Ronins if the runner refuses to run, or play for the Cerebral Cast / Scorched kill if the runner does run. Because this deck can recur Cerebral Cast indefinitely, you can just whittle the runner down to a hand size of 2 or lower as they try to get to 7 points with the agendas in your deck.

The really cool thing about this setup is that you can kill by net damage, meat damage, or brain damage. If the runner's on Plascretes, you have an out. If the runner's on Net Shield, you have an out. You don't even need a lot of money - there aren't any cards that cost a lot to use here, and you don't need to win any traces.

Obviously you have to win the psi games.

The ice has been chosen for its overall annoyingness. This deck can generate a bit of surplus money, so Ashigaru can protect your centrals and help grind the runner out. Ashigaru is probably the best ETR barrier against Anarch - Faust hates it, Corroder hates it, and it's just a bit too big to Parasite effectively. Crick is what it is, Komainu makes Faust really sad, and Cortex Lock represents at least 1 net damage in most matchups right now.

12-4 in IRL games; 6-0 on All wins have been flatlines. This deck is a lot of fun and is definitely able to win serious games.

1 Feb 2016 daytodave

Is it fair to say you don't really care if the runner has money? Maybe switch Celebrity Gift for Medical Research Fundraiser. It's 1 fewer to not show them Scorched, Cerebral, etc.

1 Feb 2016 mikerebby


1 Feb 2016 afishisborn

It looks like it's just about impossible to score out agendas in this deck. Even though all your wind have been flatlines, have you ever scored any points?

All in all, really fun looking deck. 8 agendas in a 54 card deck seems unnecessarily cruel. I love it.

1 Feb 2016 Shmeguy

Looks awesome. I think Chairman Hiro would have synergy with a lot of your win conditions. Drop them down to 3 so a single scorch is enough, allows the Ronin neural EMP kill, can drop their hand size to 0 if they decided to take the brain from Cerebral, etc.

1 Feb 2016 GrantZilla1979

...I just noticed Museum of History is not unique. Does that mean what I think it does?

Also - I dig the Cerebral Cast here. They're gonna run and run a lot vs. this ID.

1 Feb 2016 LSK

I think I've scored... 3 points with this deck, to pull a Future Perfect out of circulation. Chairman Hiro is cute but adding agenda points to a 22-point deck is really not a good idea.

1 Feb 2016 Dothanite

Yep, I have a GNK this week and I'm definitely going to try this out. How's Heritage Committee working for you?

1 Feb 2016 LeonardQuirm

Anyone know why the "legality" section marks this deck as illegal by Tournament Rules 3.0.2 standards? I'm pretty sure there are no MWL cards in this deck and the influence otherwise is fine (and indeed, it's marked OK for casual, and I think MWL is the only difference).

Is there a bug in the Alliance card influence counting?

1 Feb 2016 LeonardQuirm

Talking more directly about the deck, looks like a lot of fun. Is the Industrial Genomics: Growing Solutions tax that relevant here, or would this be better in Jinteki Biotech: Life Imagined with The Brewery? And secondly, deck needs moar Mushin No Shin (scores your agendas, preps your Ronins).

1 Feb 2016 x3r0h0ur

Heritage is a monster in IG IMO, my IG started at 2 for testing, and has instantly gone up to 3.

1 Feb 2016 podoboyz99

Defective Brainchips is really good with Cerebral Cast. Just sayin'

3 Feb 2016 firesa

No Hostile Infrastructure?

3 Feb 2016 BobAloVskI

Love the Heritage Committee. I just put a card on top of R&D. Did you want to run it?

@LSK: The losses that this deck has suffered, is it because of a particular weakness this deck has? Like a certain runner ID or tactic?

3 Feb 2016 LSK

When this deck loses, a lot of the time it's because you didn't find your Shocks in time

4 Feb 2016 tzeentchling

Decks like this make me want to include Archives Interface.

4 Feb 2016 Ulkrond

I've beaten the deck. R&D access, increased cash flow, and careful preparation for psi game is necessary.

4 Feb 2016 Lazerus101

Watching the discussion on this deck on ANRBH. My god this is some filth. I wanna give it a spin. :)

5 Feb 2016 Atramagus

@Lazerus101 What's ANRBH? Please excuse my newbishness :)

5 Feb 2016 konradh

I played few games with it and this is very fun deck! I'm afraid sooner or later peaople will learn to trash Museum of History, but for now, its brutal. Playing Neural EMP or Cerebral Cast and know they will always come back is glorious. Only thing I miss is Mushin No Shin to speed up Ronin but I guess you can't have it all!

6 Feb 2016 juliandark

I think that as it is so unlikely that this deck ever scores out, I would drop the caprice too, 1-of overwriter doesn't seem it would help that much most games either. The biggest problem I see is that once you know that you are against this deck, you can prepare very well. With only one advanceable trap in the deck, you are rather safe running IAA servers. Without mushin, there is no fear of 6 net junebug, without 3 brain overwriter you can't die to tripple neural... so ideally you would want to install, then tripple advance next turn, but then your potential trap/agenda/ronin sits there one more turn, naked.

I would certainly drop the celebrity gifts, in this sort of deck, you don't really want to be showing your cards. Then, I would think about how to deal with Imps, maybe cyberdex suites could find a place here.

6 Feb 2016 BobAloVskI

@juliandarkI have gone the other way with this deck and dropped the Hokusai Grid for another Caprice Nisei. You are right you do not need it for a scoring remote, but in my experience you need it to protect from Account Siphon, Keyhole and Medium. Mainly Account Siphon though. I have even put it on archives when I do not have the shocks to protect it. I agree with you on the singleton Cerebral Overwriter though.

10 Feb 2016 chill84
11 Feb 2016 Disturbed1

Did you consider including Hostile Infrastructure or other means of tagging and Dedicated Response Team?

12 Feb 2016 EnderA

How about:

-1 Ronin, -1 Hokusai Grid, -3 Celebrity Gift, -1 Cortex Lock, Komainu, or Ashigaru.

+2 Project Junebug, +3 Mushin No Shin, +1 Susanoo-No-Mikoto.

Mushin serves as replacement economy for Gift while helping you score/trap, Junebugs give you more trap bite, and Susanoo is better than ETR when Archives and the ice protecting it themselves are traps. With the Mushins, you could actually win pretty easily by Agendas/Ronins if your opponent plays too passively, and win by traps if they're too aggressive, plus win by attrition with Casts + Scorch.

1 Mar 2016 5N00P1

My feeling is the Celebrity Gift is not fitting the styple of the deck. I'm thinking of replacing it with a pad campaigne. It's horrible expensive to trash it and provides nice drip economy. Any thoughts on that?

I have the feeling Ronin should stay as it's a vital part of the thread to kill the runner...