Let Us Prey v3 - Ghent SC 2nd place

Slowriffs 828

I can't stop playing Leela so here we are again.

With the restriction of Crowdfunding we had to make a choice between this and Employee Strike. I went for Crowdfunding because I just enjoy the card a lot. I like a run-based aggressive playstyle so it works for me. Unfortunately this dumpsters our Mti matchup a bit. There's not really anything else I can think of to improve this in the current cardpool that would help, so you'll have to click Kati a lot and try to go for power turns.

With the newly gained Influence I could slot a hunting grounds. I figured the restriction of Dorm Computer would give people renewed confidence in Data Raven and IP Block etc, so we needed some tech for this, and this card did some work.

I tried to figure out what else I could do with 4 influence but in the end I just stuck with Prey, if only for the memes. During the day I trashed about 3 Border Controls with it, giving me outs that I just wouldn't have had otherwise. Great fun.

24 Feb 2019 Zeebag

Loved v2, can't wait to give v3 a whirl!

28 Feb 2019 ayyyliens

This deck is bad and you should retire from playing leela

2 Mar 2019 Slowriffs

@ayyyliens gtfo salty clown :D

20 Mar 2019 GcFlash

If MTI is an issue why not switch Inside Job to Spear Phishing as you can effectively dodge an ice and its ability. It's obviously not as good as Employee Strike but it helps.