Can't Kill Val Argus Deck (5th 2019 Australian Nats, 6th in

tantale 92

This is a fairly standard deck that I stole from netrunnerdb, the main change being the replacement of 3 GFIs and 1 IPO with 3 SDS Drone Deployments and 1 Self-Growth Program for the Liza match-up. I piloted it to 6th place in swiss and 5th place in elim for the 2019 Australian Nats (25 players). This was my first participation to a National event, so I am quite happy. Also I played some very good opponents. And the venue and the crowd was cool, so thanks every one and thanks Luke.

As always with Argus, the goal is to go super fast. Either they let you go, and you get to 7 points easy; or they contest, and you blow them up.

Round 1: win against Will playing Freedom

I managed to get to 7 points.

Round 2: loss against Chris playing Apoc Val

I manage to have him end with a tag and one card in hand, but I failed to find HPT.

Round 3: win against Nathan from Canberra playing Jesminder

Hard match up! Nathan played very well. I get to 6 points, and he makes the mistake of ending his turn with 3 creds. I am safe from Clone Chip into SMC into Clot.

Round 4: win against Mitchel playing counter-surveillance Liza

Mitchel starts conservatively, clearing tags until he's got Dummy Box, Wireless, Paparazzi. He fails several times to access Self-Growth Program from my hand. Last turn he tries a Counter-Surveillance run on R&D that I stop with Border Control. I then draw HPT, which allows me to land SGP + HPT for 12 damage.

Round 5: win against Michael with a peculiar Freedom deck

He fails to draw his tools and to access my Audacity. I score 7 points easily.

Swiss round 1: Victory with my runner

Swiss round 2: Loss against 2019 Australian champion Ryan

Playing against Apoc Val. He ends his turn with 2 cards in hand and one tag, against my two HPT. Unfortunately, I guess one of his cards is I Had Worse. I manage to land an HHN and he's got to go tag me. He proceeds with a Star Gate run that shows 3 agendas on top of R&D. Fair victory from his part, as the game had gone for a long time and R&D was quite loaded.

Swiss round 3: Loss against Chris, again

I get flooded and I panic about Apoc. His wantom destructions throws too many points in archives. I try to bait him with an agenda in the remote, but he manages to avoid all consequences, before picking 6 points from archives.