Dies to Doomblade [4-2, 1st SA Regional]

DoomRat 1731

I think it’s pretty well known at this point that tagme Liza is a beast vs. decks not playing High Profile Target. I’ve been testing it with Rebirth and Networking to see if it was possible to get the murder matchup up from ~5% to something more reasonable. Even though I didn’t get any of them on the day, the Argus matchup was very close (didn’t kill me, but eventually closed it out with Audacity/Atlas). And you just roll over everything else.

If you haven’t played tag me Liza before, the essential element is to play like your out of your damned mind. You should be making the assessment “Will I die or have my last breaker trashed if I run?” If not push the envelope. Almost all of the cards in the deck are useful but not required, and you bounce back from zero really easily with Rouge Trading, CF and bankroll.

One other note for this deck is the CtM matchup. Intuitively you may want to try and clear tags, but don’t. You just have to keep them off psychographics and they can’t do much to you. Either embezzle it, use DoF to keep their money down, or steal all the beales.

That’s all I have to say about it, so have fun with it, and try not to die!

22 May 2019 boreira

do you find networking useful here? I mean did you use it ot clear tags in some matchup and also won that game?

22 May 2019 zmb

Embezzle can save your ass against High-Profile Target so I'd swap the Networking with a 3rd of those

23 May 2019 DoomRat

@boreiraNetworking is sort of bad second rebirth, which is also for the murder matchup. The doomblade matchup is hard, but winnable with it, where as you pretty much always die unless your very lucky otherwise.

@zmbYour not going to get to embezzle HPT unless your clearing tags. They draw it and you immediately die.