Networking 0[credit]

Influence: 1

Remove 1 tag. Then, you may pay 1[credit] to add this event to your grip.

She preferred to do business in a club. Something about the lights and dancers clouded the judgment of the corporate simpletons she met there.
Illustrated by Gong Studios
Decklists with this card

Humanity's Shadow (hs)

#84 • English
Startup Card Pool
Standard Card Pool
Standard Ban List (show history)
  • Updated 2023-03-17

    If you play Networking and choose to add it to your grip, do you draw 1 card with Aniccam?

    No, Networking adding itself to the grip prevents the default trashing of a resolved event.


A perennially underrated tool for tag-disposal, with an unusual recursion mechanism that significantly boosts its versatility. Networking is often more credit and click cost-effective than Lawyer Up, and unlike Paper Tripping, you can use it to clear post-run tags. With the upcoming Comet console, you'll be able two tags with one click and one credit.

(Order and Chaos era)

Binder fodder no longer!

This card is pretty good tech to counter Hard-Hitting News, especially out of SYNC. You're looking at 4 to clear all tags and buy back the card as opposed to 8-12. As an added bonus, the tags gained from Controlling the Message are also cheaper, though only 1 instead of 2. All-in-all it isn't a bad meta call in some cases.

One thing we have to ask ourselves, though, is why this card over Paper Tripping? It seems at first glance that you'll spend the same 4 and get 3's to actually do something with your turn. And it isn't like it being Priority really matters all that much if you'd have spent all turn clearing tags anyway.

Well, the reasons you'd want to run this card over Paper Tripping are: 1) It costs only a single Influence instead of two, 2) It can counter multiple copies of Hard-Hitting News as long as you buy it back, and 3) You can use Same Old Thing to play this after taking a tag from another source and buy it back to your hand if necessary.

(Blood Money era)

I threw this card in a deck with account siphon as a one off and I was happy to have it. I prefer this card to lawyer up but there is no reason why you can't play both really. I feel it is best as a one off, great if you see it early but not necessary for your gameplan.

(Breaker Bay era)
Okay, so now that SYNC is out this card has the potential to see some real play. This, Lawyer Up, Dorm Computer and Paper Tripping all become more desireable after Data and Destiny, but I think that this option is the most reusable and will be expected the least. —

Chosing this card is all about reading the meta. Using Networking will save you 1 (or 2 if against SYNC: Everything, Everywhere).

If you are worried about tags, On the Lam and No One Home are just better, in faction. Even out of faction, you could go for No One Home or Deuces Wild, each cost 1 inf.

Thus, I see no real reason why you would slot Networking instead of any cards that would give you creds. Unless you are sure to face a lot of tag giving corp (usually NBN). In which case, it is a card that will save you 4 if you are hit by Hard-Hitting News. This is why it is all about reading the current meta.

If you are unsure of the current favorite corp or the current meta, just avoir Networking and slot 3 cards that will give you credits (or anything else that is useful).

The quote and graphic is great. The usefulness of this card is not. This should have been a neutral card.

(System Update 2021 era)

Guys I cannot find the information anywhere but can you pay 1 to get this card back if it is used as a Faust-food? Also for that matter, can we spend 1 to get it back after it gets trashed by any other card's effect, or it only works when it gets played?

(The Universe of Tomorrow era)
It's tied to the effect of "remove 1 tag" so you couldn't get the card back trashing it in another way. —
This isn't a review. —