Hotel trashing Loup

Davidmc7 192

Tired of Thule decks running you out? Combo decks making your life miserable? You like having a lot of credits?

I have been tuning this decklist for a while based on the idea of having an infinite Imp with Knobkierie and getting a bunch of money and some draw with Loup and Consume. Previous versions would run out of steam so I added all the economy I could find (Daily Casts, Fermenter, Liberated Account).

The result is a deck that's consistently rich and able to deal with the corp's tricks. When playing against Nightmare Thule decks I can now stretch the game enough to deck out the corps. I know Stargate is a bit of a Nonbo with Loup but it still works with Consume. I also know 10 influence is a lot for two Consume but believe me, having both installed is pure gas.

There could be some room to add a bit more draw but this iteration has been fairly consistent. Give it a shot and let me know how you go.

24 Mar 2023 Davidmc7

After checking my physical version of the deck I realised I have made a couple of changes since writing this: -1 Citadel sanctuary (not as worried about tags) -1 Hippo +2 Botulus

You can probably find a way to tighten this to fourty cards but I feel like 45 is still consistent enough.

24 Mar 2023 Murse

As someone who really has been wanting to play a decent Loup deck for a while, I'm super glad you stumbled onto this!

26 Mar 2023 CelestialSpark

Would it be possible to substitute a Friday Chip for a Consume to save influence? Using Friday Chip to place virus counters on Fermenter makes it pretty comparable to Consume: one turn slower to be available, but gets the Fermenter money on the same click, and it can load Consume as well if you find it. Relies on still having Fermenters left in the deck, though. Another advantage is that Friday Chip can substitute for Knobkierie to reload your Imp. Might also allow you to cut a copy of Knobkierie to reduce the number of duplicate unique cards in your deck.

27 Mar 2023 Mancini

Another possibility is to substitute the Scrubbers for Friday Chips and then cut a Knobby as Celestial said. That way you can hopefully get down to 40. Friday Chip also helps charge up turtle.

27 Mar 2023 Davidmc7

I've never really played Friday chip but I might give it a go!

28 Mar 2023 Shockwave

You could also, change 1 of the Consume's for up to 2 Asmund Pudlat,