🥖 Breadbox CTM

nbkelly 952

This is basically just Jakuzas CTM, but I really love technoco and lady liberty to force interaction (and sometimes highroll out a game).

12 May 2022 gilesdavis

This is gross. You're gross.


13 May 2022 Jakuza

How has the Technoco been for you?

13 May 2022 bowlsley

Is THIS why someone just installed and rezzed a T1 TechnoCo against my Hivemind MaxX deck on jnet? Absolutely disgusting behaviour, I was in awe.

13 May 2022 nbkelly

@Jakuza Technoco feels really good against anarchs and shapers, but not as good as it used to now that every faction has extra burst economy. It does make hivemind maxx sad though. If your opponent does not contest it, it can be backbreaking.

16 May 2022 Jakuza

@nbkelly Interesting. I faced this version of the list once on Sunny, and the Technoco was indeed far more impactful that I'd anticipated. In my experience the HMM matchup is already very good tho. Your experiences differ?