Moons CI (20th at Worlds, 6-2)

edpaget 208

Estelle Moon is still a pretty good card! I went 6-2 with the deck; dropping games in round 1&2 when I failed to draw a Moon or Tech Startup. I think this was the highest finishing CI Moons deck.

I'd been playing a fair ammount of ETF Moons during regional season, so decided to port it into CI and give it a shot when I started testing for world's. My first version only spent 5 influence on the Turtlebacks and Wraparounds, and won a bunch of games on Slowly (and thanks to a suggestion from @tstack for Tour Guide) I figured out the influence spend and decided to play this at Worlds, so I could move on and decide on a runner deck.

If you're playing this, your strategy is to score an Elective Upgrade from hand as soon as you can afford to do so. The cheapest combo to do this is to have a Jeeves and Bioroid Work Crew installed, play Biotic, install EU with BWC, then advance 5 times to score. However, double Biotic with Jeeves, or Triple Biotic without Jeeves are both options if you haven't drawn the BWC yet. Once the EU is scored you can just score 4/2s or 3/2s from hand. You should mulligan for Moons or Violet Level Clearance.

Influence is pretty flexible, everything except the DBSes and Turtlebacks can be substituted. Other players from the Chicago/Boston metas had IP Blocks instead of Wrap and more copies of Commercial Bankers instead of Tour Guide. The morning of Worlds we were panicking about all the Apoc decks we'd seen in Icebreaker and came close to slotting a Hostile Infrastructure.

Overall, the deck was very fun to play. I had to make a lot of seat of my pants plays to stay in games (including Restoring agendas!). Since you don't have the unlimited recursion from CSM and FIHP, it feels more skill testing and fairer to your opponents than ETF Moons did.

9 Nov 2017 vor_lord

Can you Restore agendas? It says you have to rez them, which you cannot rez agendas.

10 Nov 2017 edpaget

@vor_lord the most recent FAQ clarifies you can restore agendas.