PPVP Kate - 5th Place at Nordic Nationals 2015

Arkhon 7

NOTE: My deck actually had Symmetrical Visage instead of Professional Contacts, but I couldn't publish that because it's identical to an existing list: http://netrunnerdb.com/en/decklist/20769/ppvp-kate

As with my corp deck, I can't take any credit for the creation of the shell of the pre-paid Kate deck. It's very similar to the build that won North American Nationals. I toyed with the events slightly and cut to 45 cards but just for personal taste, no particular meta reason.

It went 4-2 in the Swiss, beating: Blue Sun x2, NEH (Butcher Shop) and HB (Glacier); losing to HB (Glacier) and RP. It then beat Nisei Division in the top 8 but lost to Butcher Shop in the top 6 loser's bracket (mostly due to my early sloppy play rather than the quality of the deck).

Very solid all round. I never felt like I wanted Deus X or Plascrete all weekend - just win the economy war and play more run events. I didn't use Sharpshooter at all either, but I feel better about having it as a safety net against Archer or Grim.