"Grant" Geist - 1st Melbourne Games Lab Store Champs 18/3/18

crushedguava 188

My new favourite card is Corporate "Grant" because of the apostrophes. It gives you a natural current in "Crim" that counters Scarcity, and you actually want to play this because the "econ denial" is nothing to sneeze at.

Every corp deck I have been trying this week on jnet "folds" to Geist, so I decided I'd take a crack at it myself. It feels very "Tier 1" at the moment, but a lot of runner decks feel like that right now.

Took the “original” list off this: https://netrunnerdb.com/en/decklist/49294/-grant-geist.

Replaced Paperclip and Inside Job with Inti and THE SOURCE, which did "work" in every game - idea was that it would help a bit against Titan FA, but I found that it did great in stopping a "never advance" plan in a remote, and also forcing 5/3s to be scored out over 3 turns instead of only 2.

Breaker suite is perfectly "fine" as a “backup” to Aumakua/Dean Lister and James Maxwell as a better Inside Job. Did not ever think I needed Kongomato/Gbhali at all, during the games. Did not think I ever needed to run more than what was necessary.

"46th card" is the Caldera because I’m a "coward".

Swiss: 1) lost against Palana Punitive (purely my mistake - stupidly ran to steal an Obokata and was left with 1 card in hand early game), 2) win against AoT Jinja, 3) win against WORLD CHAMPION CTM, 4) ID.

Top Cut: 1) win against WORLD CHAMPION CTM in final. No One Home was "amazing".

Paired with Titan FA for the variance: https://netrunnerdb.com/en/decklist/49390/titan-fa-1st-melbourne-games-lab-store-champs-18-3-18

19 Mar 2018 Inactivist

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19 Mar 2018 wozzit

Well done mate! Glad to give you your only loss of the day ;) I should have taken your advice to play this instead Sunny!

19 Mar 2018 crushedguava

@wozzityes you should have!

27 Mar 2018 WoodyIsGod

How many fisk investment seminars did you get?