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12 Mar 2018 analyzechris

Would you cut anything for a Special Order? I know the draw is crazy-good, but getting two breakers on a Peddler is a possibility.

12 Mar 2018 phette23

I don't think 2 breakers on a Peddler is a scenario that requires deckbuilding concessions. If one if Paperclip you're fine, Aumakua is general purpose, & it's unlikely to begin with. I try to keep the number of events down (I think On the Lam is slightly better than No One Home but I made the swap anyways) & that's more impactful in terms of ensuring good Peddlers.

12 Mar 2018 PyWiz

Is Paperclip worth the influence over something in faction like Saker? Clearly, Paperclip is better, but I played a similar list for a while after worlds with The Source and Guru Davinder to help against fast advance / rewiring and Potatoes Unleashed. Now that those decks have been powered down maybe switching back to clippy is worth it?

12 Mar 2018 phette23

@PyWiz if you have something else to spend the influence on, go for it, you're right that clippy isn't essential. Install from heap is real good in this deck though because you overdraw a lot & it makes peddler even better

13 Mar 2018 SirArchibold

My SC winning list was very similar: +1 Mongoose, -1 Lustig +1 No One Home, -1 On The Lam +1 Scrubber, -1 Off-Campus +1 Corporate Defector, -1 Calling in Favors +1 Sports Hopper, -1 Spy Camera