Meaningful Mammoth II [PH Startup]

l0velace 43

RIP Meaningful Mammoth I, you were not good, despite my best efforts.

This deck is not VERY good at winning, but it is good at having fun games, and honestly? Sometimes that's what you need. In most of the games I have had with this, I have ALMOST decked.

What's Good?

  • Putting Anvil as the first ice and trashing an agenda before the runner can reach it.
  • Throwing Ivik at the runner if you don't rez enough code gates to make it worthwhile (similar story with Vamp).
  • Regenesis (+ Send a Message) + Send a Message; scoring only 2 agendas to win is brilliant.

Nightmare Archive is very fun archives poision. for me.

Performance wise - this deck placed 9/14 (winning 2/3 games) at the Netbrummers Startup tournament, and was a lot of fun.