Because BWBI... (GNK Winner, Regional participant)

Johnny Polite 387

... Is rotating. :(

I brought this deck to a small GNK as well as the Toronto Regional. It went undefeated at the GNK, but went 2-2 in Toronto. At the GNK tournament, defeated Noise, Geist, and Andromeda. Wins at the regional against Noise (punitive kill) and Kit, with losses against Clot lock Hayley and Andromeda.

The plan is simple. Advance ice on centrals, score a hostile, and combo out the takeover. Space Camp is so that you can say "welcome to space camp!" whenever the runner checks archives.

23 Jul 2017 NoahTheDuke

The Crimson Dust card Priority Construction seems like it'd be great in this deck. Did you try Mausolus at all?

23 Jul 2017 Johnny Polite

@NoahTheDukeI think priority construction looks great, and I'll absolutely play it, but maybe not in this deck because I rarely build a remote. Mausolus was in an early version, it's certainly taxing, but Hortum is better for getting combo pieces, protecting against AI decks, etc, and Wormhole can trigger the triple advanced Hortum sub. Maybe Mausolus can replace Fire Wall?

24 Jul 2017 #endgame

I think this deck might be improved by turning it into a PS/AD combo deck: It would free up a lot of influence because you could drop Biotic, and shutting down into something like Interns/Shipment from Kaguya/Red Planet Couriers would give you a Government Takeover from 7 advancements on the table.

24 Jul 2017 stoppableforce

@#endgame The Power Shutdown nerf all but killed PS/AD, and I don't see it coming back here since they can't really hold all the combo pieces until they can play the PS.

@Johnny Polite Having had Priority Construction tested against me, Mausolus gets a lot better when you can immediately make it 3 credits -- but as you pointed out, you rarely make a remote. :) Good job on getting BWBI to do something.

24 Jul 2017 Johnny Polite

@#endgameThat's a cool idea, in particular because with Accelerated Diagnostics you can swap the Cyberdex Suites for Trials and burn through sac con if your AD is Red Planet/Trial/Trial. It's also true that it's maybe not feasible with the PS nerf, as @stoppableforcementioned.

@stoppableforceI believe that! I think Priority Construction will shine in a deck that is a bit more classic glacier, and the big advantage is with it being so easy to get advancement counters, it becomes feasible to play multiple RPC in a game to never advance 5-3's. I'll definitely be testing it once it's out. And thanks, I'm pretty pleased with it. I've always liked BWBI, just not enough to actually try to play it seriously until now.

24 Jul 2017 #endgame

Oh, that's right. One of the recent FAQs stopped the "shutdown your deck" shenanigans. Never mind, I've been out of the loop for a long time :-|.