Boopocalypse (5-2 at Euros)

hemraa 164

Based on Rusefus's BLM deck ( this deck aims to get to 4/5 points fast then build a server with enough run ending or misdirecting (boop) effects that the runner doesn't have enough clicks or credits to get in.

Out: 1 Marilyn Campaign, 1 Fast Track, 1 Crisium Grid and 1 Anansi
In: 2 Digital Rights Management, 1 Sand Storm and 1 Project Junebug

Card choices
DRM - A bit better than Fast Track as it saves a click on installing the card you just fetched, allowing you to get and double advance an SSL or just to use the extra click to put an extra ice where it is most needed. It can also force runs on an empty HQ or get through R&D lock. Very happy with this card.
Junebug - After switching out the influence for 2 DRM the Fast Track was a spare slot, so at the last minute the Oxford testing team decided a cheeky Project Junebug could catch people out. On the day I installed and advanced it twice and fired it once for some good tempo against a Hoshiko.
Sand Storm - Tried this instead of a 3rd Anansi, the idea is that very few decks in this meta have a way of breaking it multiple times other than Aumakua (which this deck easily keeps down)

Wins against 419, Hoshiko, Freedom, Leela and Hayley.
Loses against Geist and 419. Most of the wins were by scoring out when they couldn't get into the remote, with one flatline after they forgot I could boop them into a Chiyashi. The losses were due to an ability to get into the remote easily and/or R&D giving away agendas (3 in one turn vs 419).

Overall I enjoyed the deck and feel it is strong if it can survive the early game without giving away too many agendas. Every agenda it scores just pushes it further towards winning and a single rezzed ice can provide a lot of threat.

Big thanks to everyone at Nisei for running a great event, that despite a few technical issues felt pretty smooth to play in.

I also want to thank the Oxford testing crew and everyone in the Thameside discord who helped capture some of the banter and chat that you get from an in person event.

27 Jul 2020 Cliquil