Quarantine Booping - BLM 38th

rusefus 487

Rushy AgInfusion with anti virus tech.


Wins vers. Ken Tenma, Geist, Leela and Freedom

After last Sunday's results and the assent of 419 with Tapwrms and Aumakua (of course) led me to thinking that Cyberdex Sandbox would be a great tempo agenda in this meta.

I started playing it in Palana but I found the extra money really helps AgInfusion more. The bounce (or boop) ability really helps lock out games and makes your servers extra hard to beat, providing both early cover from Diversion of Funds and click compression for remote defense. This ability gets extra strong in combination with Nisei MKII counters and Border Control's trash ability, allowing you to create remotes that might be extremely difficult or just downright impossible to get into.

Macrophage was especially great as a card that can stand alone against most ICE destruction, being 7 str with 4 subs means you need spend at 8 creds to break it, which its usually more often than not firing instead and giving you creds with Cyberdex Sandbox. Plus playing 3 means you see it early in the relevant match ups (419/Freedom) and you can use it boop fodder if you draw a 2nd.

Also big thumbs up to Thimblerig in this deck, the most over performing card in the deck imo. Although at 0 str its vulnerable to Aumakua at the outset, with Macorphage to back it up that helps shore up its weaknesses. From there it absolutely sings with AgInfusion's boop ability, allowing you to swap an ICE you installed at the top of a server to the bottom, allowing to put punishing ICE in the right places and allowing to move and stack Border Controls to wherever they're needed. Thimblerig helped definitely locked out the game in at least the Geist and Leela matches.

One change I would make is I would cut the Marilyn Campaign as I found it far too slow for my play style. Perhaps this is a preference thing, I can see it being a good slot but with the econ I was getting from just rushing Cyberdex Sandbox and SSL, I felt the time spent of getting value out of Marilyn was detrimental to my game-plan. Not sure what I would replace it with, perhaps another Crisium, or one of the many other good 1 inf cards.

All in all it was a great time having another spin in AgInfusion again after a year or so playing mostly Mirrormorph. Sometime it feels good just slamming agendas and booping runners into big ICE.

Big shout out to all the great Nisei folk who organized, ran the tourney and raised so much money for a great cause, you are all wonderful! Black Lives Matter!

28 Jun 2020 mcg

One off Divert Power? Get those Mind Games back face down while rezzing something nasty.

28 Jun 2020 rusefus

ooo @mcgnow we've got a stew going!