Nuklear Lycks (1st at Stirling CO)

dis_ 121

Just Use Your Tongue

An evolution of Greytongue I threw together for the CO after not playing for months, and did no prep games. Had a blast playing it - a linear aggro game plan is strong when you have no idea of the meta.

2-2 in the Swiss, 2-0 in the cut. (One of the swiss games was quite a silly loss to trying to Tsakhia through an archer because it would be inconceivable that an ice could have 4 subs!). Lost vs BtL and Outfit, beat PD, NEH, Outfit (rematch), and BtL (rematch).

Good Ideas

Dr Nuka is a worse card than diesel, but is a better card in this deck. It's card draw that does not take up space in your hand (three games I got down to 2 hand size), and provides +6 cards in hand on a big(tm) turn when diesel will give you +2.

Tsakhia is silly good, but you knew that already.

Raindrops Cut Stone was impressive. Once you're tonguing you shouldn't be afraid to just use it without card draw - people play dirty laundry after all, checking archives and gaining +3 credits is useful.

1 Finality is exactly the right number.

Labour Rights made the deck tick, but since with Tsakhia and Core damage your hand is a perilous place you shouldn't be afraid to use it early. If you can put another Labor Rights back in the deck + econ/sabotage events, do it at your earliest connivence.

Bad Ideas

Severnius Stim Implant was to replace legwork in Greytongue - to get another on-board piece of multiaccess, so I could play it early and then go to coretown without worry. I thought that waiting for the right time to Legwork would play badly with Tsakhia. Only played it one game (and it was very good there) but I think its too cute.

Misdirection so you draw a lot in this deck and I expected (correctly) a lot of Weyland and NBN, so why not have a cheeky Misdirection. Never drew it in a relevant match.


Swap Misdirection, Stimplant, and 1 creative commission for a DJ Fenris (who'd do the same HQ pressure job as stimplant but better) and a Bravado. Then find the last cut I was too lazy to work out