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I'm going to use this space where I normally post strategy to let you know I'm going by Grey instead of Greg currently, which came partnered with the decision to present as non-binary over the last few months, which has been a very positive and enjoyable experience. My last name is Tongue, hence the name of the deck, but conveniently Esa's tongue is also canonically grey.

Going to have to call out Sokka for being a huge coward and calling his Esa deck "fast" when he believes that an aggro deck in 2023 has time to both install and pop a Fermenter. Why do that when you can draw your whole deck in 5 turns and then loop multiaccess until you win or hit Snare and then blame your loss on your opponent being a scumbag net damage casual?

I honestly can't provide actual advice on how to play this. I sucked at Noise back in 2016 and I think I suck at this deck now, I run Archives way more than I should and I tend to fall for tricks. It's a very solid tier 1.5 list with the needle tipping towards tier 1 depending on your meta, and I find it the most fun runner in the format. I'm confident you could find ways to improve this shell and I leave it to more skilled players to do so. I leave you with an average turn 2 for the deck:

Grey started their turn 2 with 12c and 4 cards in their Grip. Grey spends click and pays 0c to play Diesel. Grey uses Diesel to draw 3 cards. Grey spends click and pays 5c to play Sure Gamble. Grey uses Sure Gamble to gain 9c. Grey trashes Creative Commission due to core damage. Grey uses Esâ Afontov: Eco-Insurrectionist to draw 1 card. Grey uses Esâ Afontov: Eco-Insurrectionist to sabotage 2. Grey spends click, pays 1c, and suffers 1 core damage to play Running Hot. Grey uses Running Hot to gain click click click. Grey spends click and pays 2c to play Deuces Wild. Grey uses Deuces Wild to draw 2 cards. Grey uses Deuces Wild to gain 3 . Grey spends click, pays 0c , and trashes 3 cards (Running Hot, Chastushka, Finality) from their grip to play Moshing. Grey uses Moshing to draw 3 cards and gain 3c. Grey spends click and pays 5c to play Sure Gamble. Grey uses Sure Gamble to gain 9c. Grey spends click and pays 1c to play Creative Commission. Grey uses Creative Commission to gain 5c. Grey is ending their turn 2 with 27c and 2 cards in their Grip.

31 Mar 2023 Diogene

Nice! I like it.

Why not use Tsakhia "Bankhar" Gantulga?


31 Mar 2023 CritHitd20

I have no experience playing Tsakhia so I couldn't advocate strongly for or against it. I think the most important part of the deck is just triggering sabotage every turn and developing a credit lead for a big chatushka/multiaccess turn, and since Tsakhia doesn't help you with that plan I don't love it, but it does seem like a strong card in general.

31 Mar 2023 Jinsei

Sokka is currently studying hard for exams and can't defend himself, but I have to say, that is a beautiful name Grey :)

Looking forward to facing you in the field!

31 Mar 2023 Diogene

@CritHitd20 have you tried the Buffer Drive trick? It go a like this :

You just Sabotage 10 in one turn. Possibly sabotage 13 if you times it with Time Bomb. Enjoy looking at (or imagining) the face of your opponent, knowing you still have 3 to go.


31 Mar 2023 thebigunit3000

What's the trick to get Buffer Drive out of your deck though? 🤔🤔🤔

3 Apr 2023 Tamijo

Upvoted for trans

6 Apr 2023 chouxflower

Oh, congrats on shattering the binary!