Rattled by the Rush (1st at Architect of Lasers B-COM 2020)

count_slackula 64

This is the Palana rush deck I brought with me to Barcelona. It dropped one game at Architect of Lasers (to Ouroboros on stream, no less!). At the main B-COM event the deck went 4-0.

The concept is quite simple: Score a Niseii and then DRM for another. With decent early econ and some lucky draws, this deck can win by turn 5. Otherwise the aim is to score behind Border Controls/Kakugos. It starts out as a race to score Niseiis and then ends with taxing clicks and cards to score an Obokata for the win. Often, on the runner's first click of their turn you will know whether or not you have won (1 Niseii counter + two border controls, or 1 BC + two Niseiis). Marcus Batty also helps prop up the score plan. Also Snares win games :))))

Had a lot of really fun, close games with this deck over the weekend :) thanks to Vincent and Mathieu for playing so well and taking our team to the top position at Architect of Lasers :))

9 Mar 2020 Cpt_nice

Why Pup over a third Aiki or a Cortex Lock?

9 Mar 2020 count_slackula

@cpt_nice Pup is a 2 credit tax with every breaker :) Aiki is weak to Amina hurt and Cortex isn't taxing late game. Also... Pup is cute! :")

10 Mar 2020 Ghost Meat

This rules! Way to go with your great results. :)

11 Mar 2020 CryptoGraham

Upvote for best Pavement album

28 Mar 2020 Radiant

@count_slackulaNot saying I think it's a bad include, but worth noting that Bukhgalter breaks it for "free" and Odore does for actually free