Janktown Mti (2-1 GNK)

radishcat 65

This was supposed to be a fun deck, but did better than expected in a GNK. My only regret is not managing to fire Brainstorm.

With only 3-pointers the aim is to either use An Offer You Can't Refuse to get the seventh point or do crazy stuff with Mwanza City Grid.

1) Lost to Smoke - The ice didn't keep my opponent out and after having my Crisium Grid blown up I was indexed to death.

2) Beat MaxX - DNA Tracker is very expensive to break with Black Orchestra, winning me the economy war and leading to an eventual punitive victory.

3) Beat Freedom - I scored 6 points behind a Data Loop then rezzed a risky Mwanza on R&D, giving the required money plus Bacterial Programming trigger to set up An Offer You Can't Refuse into Mwanza + double Snare! flatline on HQ.

2-1 record, along with a 1-2 runner record and a couple of free wins from a bye gave me 3rd place out of 13.