O&C bootcamp glacier

bblum 4789

7 Apr 2015 BENJI9520

ha! snatch and grab! nice.

13 Apr 2015 camping

Hi and Thanks for the updated list. Why cutting 1 restructure for Snatch and grab instead of interns ? I proceeded the other way, but i'd like to read your thoughts about it !

13 Apr 2015 bblum

It's important for the recursion package for adonis (and ash) to be at a critical density. Cutting the 3rd restructure leaves the deck with 11/12ths of its econ cards (adonis/bootcamp/hedge/oai/restr), while cutting the 2nd interns would have left the deck with 4/5ths of its recursion package (jackson/interns). Much bigger difference.

Also, the adonis and the OAIs are the important parts of the econ engine. The hedges and restructures are just there to keep you afloat until you can get them to stick.

19 Apr 2015 Sizer

Bblum, thanks for posting this and for what you do to help the community. I'm a new budding Weyland player. I would like to know how you would slot in the Scorched package in the current meta and if you think that's still a viable option. Thanks in advance!

20 Apr 2015 bblum

Scorch package is still plenty good in this deck. The reason I play without is that a lot of runners will play around scorch anyway (as this deck is still a bit of a dark horse), it's blank against IHW, and it's hard to out-money PPVP kate (the current best runner deck). But there have also been plenty of games where just ice+ash weren't enough to convert money into winning, so, try it both ways and see what suits you.

add: 3x scorch, 1x sea source, (optional) 1x restructure

cut: either 2x lotus or 1x tollbooth (depending how much anarch in your meta), and your choice of 2-4 among 1x snatch and grab, 1x crisium, 1x interns, 1x bootcamp.

20 Apr 2015 bblum

you can also cut the wormhole (but don't go below 17 ice)

20 Apr 2015 Sizer

Thanks for the comments! I had fun learning this deck at our weekly meet up on Friday and managed to go 3-1 with it. The only loss was the first game I played where I miscalculated on some Shaper shenanigans. Otherwise it felt really solid. Just as a player I like to have the comfort of an alternate win condition and I wanted to try out having the meat damage play. I appreciate the your time and the advice. Thanks so much!

23 May 2015 Glitch29

@bblum You can do a very similar thing to Executive Boot Camp and Adonis Campaign with Tech Startup and Eliza's Toybox (or Melange Mining Corp. if Toybox does nothing). It pulls the deck in a somewhat different direction with huge ice and an IT Department, but I think as a fellow glacier addict you might enjoy trying it out. That's what I was working with before trying out this list.

What I like about your Boot Camp version is how much more foolproof the early game is between Hive and Adonis shell games. Popping a Boot Camp to fetch Howard when the runner thought they were running an unrezzed Adonis is just wonderful. That said, it hurts to have so few good OAI targets (which seems like Blue Sun's best card), and I'm sometimes having issues scoring the last few points against runners that don't burn themselves out.

That last part might be a mismanagement of Ash though. I've let a few get sniped from my hand when I could have proactively put them in a scoring server.