The Red Singularity

Diegofsv 1368

With the rise of Near-Earth Hub, Singularity may be something. While it is expensive, with some Prepaid, it may be just the thing you need to thrash those damn SanSan or any server filled with upgrades. It works great too against traps and Ash (sucks against Caprice) The idea here is to make expensive to rez ice with Rook and Reina and thrash anything you can. Keyhole focus should be Jackson > Anything (except if thrashing will mean victory, of course). There is a fine line to choose between Agendas and Biotics or SanSans. Grab The Source as fast as you can and thrash it with Aesop when you are ready to score. This is a first step with no tests and I'm looking for feedback.

23 Aug 2014 Oneiro

I really like the idea behind this deck. What i don't understand though, is the use of Singularity.

Especially against NBN NEH it's a pretty bad card imo, because those FA-decks tend to not make a scoring server. In this scenario a Demolition Run would be always superior over Singularity, because it costs two credits and a click less and also trashes the SanSan City Grid reliably.

23 Aug 2014 Diegofsv

The problem with Demolition is that you access the cards. So traps and Ash are your worse enemies if you get the Yellow Jackets NBN NEH. Or any Glacier HB.

23 Aug 2014 Oneiro

Ahhh, now i see where you are coming from. I agree, Singularity definitely helps avoiding traps - i missed that aspect.

28 Oct 2014 ODie

Also Demolition Run is no good for remote servers: HQ or R&D only.

No backup for The Source means that they'll try to Biotic out a breaking news to trash it: Fall Guy can help here, if you can find the Influence / slots for them.

Some multi-access on central servers might then justify using the Demo Run to wreck their day - trashing any Fast Track/Biotic/Shipment from SanSan that's waiting on Agenda you find can really crimp their play.