CI7 - Dont Try This At Home - Meeples Games SC 1st Place

podoboyz99 2364

Not much new here, just another degenerate CI player terrorizing a unprepared field.

The deck has gotten a lot better with Quorum's release. VLC may be the best card in the deck to see in your opening hand now, as it provides astronomical value. I am fairly sure that the economy suite I picked is correct, Blue Level is too good to give up. If I were to play this deck again, I would replace the Scarcity with Enforced Curfew. The 0 cost current, even though it provides little to no effect, saving the credit can be a big deal in some games and the only reason you are playing the current is too remove the runners current. Excalibur is still good, I was debating switching it to Macrophage before the tournament, but ultimately decided against it, and I was glad I did. Either way is fine, its a meta call of how much Faust you will see.

If you want to go against my advice and try this deck out, combo lord @triorph has made his own decklist with a series of articles that I highly recommend you read.

The first one

The most recent one

On the day (1/16/17) the deck went 3-1 as I played against Tem Whizz, Tem Whizz (loss), Standard Andy, and ID'd against another Tem Whizz. In the cut I won with runner twice, then won against the same Whizz I ID'd with last round in the finals. The runner list I used on the day can be found here.

Tournament data:

Big thanks to Meeples Games for hosting the event and to Connor for TOing. Congratulations to @netjogging on another SC top 4, to @saan for making the cut and handing me my only loss all day on either side, and to @jaredrules for letting me take the crown of the Meeples Games SC from him in the finals. Feel free to comment below with any injuries about the deck or you its played. Happy comboing!

17 Jan 2017 edpham

Congrats dude. Definitely caught a lot of people off-guard with your deck selection there at Meeples.

17 Jan 2017 dormio

I'm really surprised this worked in the meta right now with Slums, Siphon spam, and Medium everywhere.

17 Jan 2017 podoboyz99

@edpham Thanks!

@dormio Its a meta call for sure, but I've been seeing less siphon spam and more E-Strike recursion (which is easier to deal with). Medium poses a threat, and I decided to go for Excalibur over Macrophage as protection, because a lot of time Temujin decks can just pay through Macrophage where Excalibur has a lot of flexibility, letting you not disrupt your Mother Goddess by rezzing it. The one opponent who had/thought it was worth it to install Slums against me won, but the Slums did nothing, I just had a hard time drawing ice that game.

18 Jan 2017 triorph

95+% of the time slums does nothing against CI7

5 May 2017 A_Runner_is_No_One

So, uh.. I don't have Up and Over for Reuse. Any suggestions aside from spending the creds for it?

5 May 2017 A_Runner_is_No_One

... crap, and it looks like I'm missing Escalation as well for Scarcity of Resources.