Reuse 0[credit]

Operation: Double
Influence: 1

As an additional cost to play this operation, spend [click].

Trash any number of cards from HQ. Gain 2[credit] for each card trashed.

If the clones were nervous about living in a repurposed fuel tank, they never mentioned it.
Illustrated by Yip Lee
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Up and Over (uao)

#70 • English
Startup Card Pool
Standard Card Pool
Standard Ban List (show history)
Up and Over

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Reuse is a very limited card, but there is one deck that can make use of it in the normal course of play: Industrial Genomics: Growing Solutions

Instead of needing to draw up above 5 in order to shed a few cards, you can spend 2 to fill your archives with face-down cards and gain s at the same time. This can be a great way to recover from getting Account Siphoned or Vamped or even needing to rez a lot of ice or assets (such as Hostile Infrastructure) during the previous turn. It is also useful just to 'reload' archives if the runner has just accessed them the previous turn as well. Lastly it can be a powerful response to Fisk Investment Seminar.

Now in a lot of ways this card could be compared unfavourably with Celebrity Gift, which is in faction and doesn't involve discarding cards but lets make a direct comparison here:

Reuse has a cost of 0 vs Celebrity Gift's cost of 3

On a hand of 5 cards + 1 mandatory draw Reuse will gain a maximum of 10 and Celebrity Gift will gain a maximum of 7 - as the number of cards in hand decreases Reuse becomes more efficient than Celebrity Gift. As the number of cards in hand go above 5 Reuse is also potentially even more profitable

Both Reuse and Celebrity Gift are double type operations and cost 2

Celebrity Gift gives away information which can be very double sided for Jinteki, intimidation and mind games is a potential benefit, giving away warnings to your opponent regarding your potential traps and tricks (as well as the presence of Agendas) may be a disadvantage.

Reuse costs you cards, which represent a each to draw (or replace, after you trash them with this ability) so mechanically it gets you 2 per . Under ordinary circumstances this is not an acceptable return from a card that costs a to draw and 2s to play. This is why you can only make good use of it in Industrial Genomics Decks, where you want to trash cards anyway and it can potentially make what is normally an inefficient set of actions (drawing just to discard into archives) into a profitable bonus.

Support cards and potential janky combos? In Industrial Genomics you will want to run Jackson Howard, Crick and Museum of History anyway to enable long term use of your Id ability. Other potential recursion cards such as Allele Repression, Archived Memories, Architect, Team Sponsorship or even Reclamation Order are possible too. The only other potential use for this card is in Cerebral Imaging: Infinite Frontiers as a way of making a lot of s very quickly (maybe after getting vamped for everything the previous turn or to fund a mega Midseason Replacements (but that will use up 3s).

Alternative cards for Industrial Genenomics include: Heritage Committee, Green Level Clearance or Blue Level Clearance which package draw with some additional benefit.

(Business First era)
To be honest, I've only ever seen this card in Cerebral Imaging. 2 credits per card is just not a good enough deal in Industrial Genomics, which has access to carsds like Celebrity Gift, Turtlebacks and Diversified Portfolio (as well as tending not to need much money). Meanwhile, Cerebral Imaging combo decks can discard every card that isn't in the combo to potentially gain far more than 10 credits. —
Cerebral Imaging's power shutdown combo? Draw all into hand, reuse everything but Jackson and accelerated diagnostics, then install jackson, use him and play accelerated diagnostics. —