2nd place Belgian Nationals: Pinsel Ob

ryanbantwins 2433

As the name already implies, credit where credit is due ...

This deck only dropped a single game throughout the weekend, against a Hoshipko who was printing more money than Argentina in 80s. Honestly I really enjoy playing this deck. It kinda reminds me of playing - 'shaper bullshit' - due to the versatility Ob provides (and Extract is such a beautiful card). On a good day it's nearly impossible for the runner to keep up with its tempo.

For those who might not know the interaction. After the runner has paid for the skunkworks (on approach effect), you can rez a Formicary to move it to that server as the innermost piece of ICE and the runner now has to encounter this ICE. However after they pass this ICE, they will have to pay the skunkworks (on approach effect) again.

Changes I made from the original list:

3xOffworld->3xOaktowns: Playstyle reasons, Pad tap gone

1xNGO Front->1xCrisium: NGO would be less good without the Offworlds, and I didn't want to take any chances against apoc. Also great vs stargate and such.

2xHortum,1xAfshar->2xMassvingo,1xMacrophage: I wanted something to annoy both boat and turtle. Massvingo is great if it can get some tokens from wall to wall, macrophage is just a dirty one-off that you can always tutor with Ob in the right matchup.

27 Sep 2022 Buppu2099

Thanks for posting the list and the write-up. Cool way to use OB that does not involve murder. I might play a variation on this for an upcoming tournament. Though I can't help but shove 2 Special Offer in there. For the extra cheese on top.

27 Sep 2022 ryanbantwins

Special Offer has always been a pet card of mine, that I tried to make work. But it is indeed a smart idea to use it in Ob to get a free Rashida or Spinny D. I actually quite like the idea :), and I'll definitely try 3 of them out in another Ob deck (casual play).

For this deck however, I do fear that besides maybe the seamless launch, the other influence can't really be cut.

27 Sep 2022 Cluster Fox

That Border Control in to Macrophage was just ruuuuuuuuuuude Brian. Well done on second place mate!

30 Sep 2022 lopert

What's Mavirus for in here? Just to annoy turtle and let you get through clot for audacity?

30 Sep 2022 lopert

Re-read the list and saw that it could be used for Sandstone clearing as well as fetching Manegarm Skunkworks.