NQ King of Swiss - The Friends We Made Along the Way

Boot 25

About three years ago, I went to my first Netrunner event. I went there with the expectation of playing a few games and hopefully getting some participation prizes. What I left with was something far better: new friends.

The London meta welcomed me with open arms. Not long after, I got to know many of the amazing people that make up the UK Netrunner community at large. I lived in the UK for a total of seven years and I can honestly say that the UK Netrunner community was one of the most positive influences I encountered during my time there. It is full of kind, caring, and hilarious people who look out for each other. Seeing how they treat one another helped me become a better person.

Just over a month ago, I left London for new pastures (and a new meta) in Seattle. Since then, the coronavirus pandemic has swept the globe. It is a scary point in our lives. The unfortunate reality is that some of us will not only lose their jobs, but also friends and family members. However, we are still lucky to be part of this amazing community. We will be here for each other.

Because it really is true: the greatest prize in Netrunner is the friends we make along the way.

To everyone who makes this community the amazing thing it is, including you, thank you from the bottom of my heart. I love you all.


3 Apr 2020 Jinsei

@Bridgeman Look, it's your deck!

Congrats on the awesome finish Sean, hope to see you again soon.

3 Apr 2020 Boot

I should give credit to Quercia for this decklist. The only change I made was -1 News Hound/+1 Gold Farmer. It's a pleasure to pilot it.

3 Apr 2020 Quercia

Hi, thanks for the shoutout! Although I've been piloting this deck, the true mastermind behind is @Bridgeman! He created the original version and won some stuff with it :)


3 Apr 2020 Jinsei

I think we should call it "The Cake Azmari". :D

3 Apr 2020 Quercia

@DonLoverGateTotally! Let's unify the archetype under one banner! :D

3 Apr 2020 Bridgeman

Great to see such love for the game and the community, and great to see this updated version get some action! Congratz on king of swiss!

Also I´m willing to sign on this being "The Cake Azmari" :D

4 Apr 2020 Boot

Cake Azmari sounds good to me!

6 Apr 2020 Möbius Striptease

Great to meet you at the event, Boot, and nice deck!