Have all cakes and eat them too!(5th at Worlds!)

Bridgeman 511

Joining the mandatory GIF tradition to celebrate :D


This is the latest and greatest version of my Azmari deck which carried me to 5th place at Worlds, going 8-2 during the tournament (not counting a win by game loss). DonLoverGate already took it to 2nd place at Edinburgh regionals https://netrunnerdb.com/en/decklist/57010, but naturally I´m reposting because hey, I got 5th place at worlds :D

The two games I lost were in the top cut, one against Pinsel on Khumalo, and one against Tothbebes Adam deck where I got steamrolled after making a very bad play that left my servers open, it would probably have been a very tough game anyway, but would have loved to see how it could have gone.

I took the previous version to 2nd place at Malmö regionals and DonLoverGate won Vienna regionals with it: https://netrunnerdb.com/en/decklist/56487 The only difference is that this one plays an enigma instead of the Archangel.

The deck name comes from the many perks that I think come with this deck, the strong but cheap ice suite, the tag punishment, the econ denial, the econ assets, and only having to put 6 agendas in the deck. One of the main ideas was to use as few deck slots as possible for tag punishment and agendas.

The game plan is to slow down the runner directly through Scarcity of Resources and the threat of HHN + economic warfare, and indirectly through the ID ability, while you gain money from daily quests, rashidas, reinforce your servers and score agendas. Over time you can build a taxing remote if needed by stacking your surveyors there. Even if the runner gets in, the follow up of HHN can lead to a kill or a scoring window if they clear the tags.

The 3-point only agenda suite forces the runner to steal half the agendas in your deck to win, unless they have notoriety, mad dash or freedom through equality. Also only half of your agendas are stealable at the start of the game (unless you are facing Adam ;() which means that you often can leave your centrals wide open early on, the most devestating turn one is usually to play scarcity and then install and rez a daily quest with ice in front.

Consulting visit is great as it can be used both to get scarcity early, effectively giving you 5 scarcitys, but also it makes the threat of BOOM and HHN more reliable. Getting Economic warfare with it is great too sometimes to make HHN more potent. You can even in a pinch use it for preemptive action or archived memories.

Archived memories is an amazing use of 2 influence. Get your scarcity back, get your kill back, get your tags back, get your rashidas back, get your daylies back, get your echo chamber back to threaten the win.

I went with this deck both because I have a lot of practice with it, but also because I felt like it doesnt have any matchups where I feel uncomfortable, except maybe against Adam(damn you Tothbebe :D) because of his ability to steal degree mills early, the freedom through equality, find the truth to spot for the rare agendas, logic bombs to get into the remote and misdirection to deal with HHN.

During swiss this deck took down Hailey, Two Alices, Rustryders apoc val, Pinsels Khumalo and another one, and a Liza(Turn 3 BOOM :D). During the first round of the top cut I was also able to beat barely Tothbebes Adam deck with a little luck.

The most hilarious play of the event to me was when I at 6 points double advanced a naked degree mill against an apoc alice with 0 credits and one face down card installed. He didnt have an MKultra in hand ;)

Thanks to my opponents for all the fun games, it was a blast to meet all of you nice people! Thanks to NISEI for organizing such an amazing event and keeping the game alive :)

Oh and thanks to ToThBeBe for giving me some cool Adam alt arts ;)

9 Oct 2019 vesper

Congratulations! The King in Yellow is not going to be taken down by the Green Menace ;-)

9 Oct 2019 Bridgeman

Thanks :D I´ll get the red and purple ones next time ;)

10 Oct 2019 Cpt_nice

Nice list! Why do you prefer this over EOI Azmari? And what is your plan against Misdirection?

10 Oct 2019 Bridgeman

@Cpt_nice I havent playtested EOI Azmari, but it looks like a strong deck. What I didnt like about it though was that it is forced to dedicate a lot of deck slots to agendas and tag punishment. This feels cleaner to me and more focused.

When you know your opponent has misdirection be less aggressive with HHN, only play it when it when they are poor enough(so that it is cheap for you to play) or you want them to waste the clicks. Remember that you can name program to at least get 2 credits out of the deal, and also that it can be inconvenient for the runner to get misdirection as opposed to another program, so forcing them to play it is not that bad. Sometimes they have to get rid of it later on to make room for other programs. Anyway the deck does not rely completely on tags, so you can often just tempo them out with a big remote. You only need to score two agendas before echo chamber is a constant threat.

21 Oct 2019 DonLoverGate

2nd at Edinburgh AND 1st in Vienna - this deck got mad legs yo.