Attractive Azmari (5-1 and 10th @Worlds, 3rd in swiss)

Bridgeman 2321

AKA sit on your Azmari :D

Three members of Unband brought this deck for worlds, with me and Sokka on this exact list and Rustryder swapping an echo chamber for a jua :)

Had a real hard time finding a corp for worlds. In theory azmari with daily quest is good, cause you will be one of the few corps that has enough bank to trash pad taps. And also money is just good in general, especially when the best ice is so expensive to rez.

Eventually I tried the SBL list that was posted

I found that the general shell was pretty good, but with runners being as rich as they are the ice needed to be more taxing, this meant more hydra and more toolbooth :D

Magnets and salems were added in to be able to deal with hivemind maxx, this stung a bit because BC is great and enigma is spiky to make farming wheel harder, but was deemed necessary.

The cards have enough uses outside of that matchup that it doesnt break the deck :)

Agendas build up in hand over time when sitting on daily quest. This makes anoetic worse as you either discard agendas on trigger or leave them exposed in hq, also the card is very influence heavy and easy to trash.

I added Bio vault as the better option, it can be prepared while you sit on daily quest, it protects every server, stops mad dash, helps vs apoc, cannot get PolOped and you can play two of them.

Also an attitude adjustment was added to deal with agenda concentration by the advice of Rustryder. Shoutout to my boiii.

The result is a well rounded deck that has decent game against most runners. Sit on that DQ, prepare those vaults, trash those taps, and make them run out of steam ;)

Huge shoutout to Sokka, The King, Rustryder, Tempest and GilesDavis from my team Unband for huge amounts of testing, tweaking, discussing and supporting.

Thank you Nisei again for organizing!

Guess I´ll have to try again a year from now :D

15 Dec 2021 Council

10 turns o' nothing but dat drip and installing ice / defensive upgrades.

Sitting on your assmari has never been sweeter.

15 Dec 2021 Bridgeman

That is what we like to see :D

20 Dec 2021 Rocco