mwlmihnmaxXattacks (5-1 Victory Point Store Champs 1st)

LazerDoofus 1564

Oh... you like turtles.

Thanks nice.

I like DLR :-P

28 Feb 2016 aleph_c

I think I would have been a lot happier if I had seen more turtles. :P

28 Feb 2016 michaeln

So, how do you play this against asset/turtle-spamming NEH (or maybe Gagarin)? If they have Museums out, your DLR trashes may not achieve very much. Similarly, assets are a defence of sorts against Siphon.

(Basically, I want victory on a plate against the evil Yellow...)

28 Feb 2016 LazerDoofus

This deck is insanely fast when played correctly, making the right plays at the right times, NEH will always be a race but with enough practice you can learn to beat it consistently. Using credits from Siphons to trash key assets along with Singularity at the correct times will win you games. You can't just blunt force DLR and thats not how it's meant to be used

2 Mar 2016 kollapse

Did you get to use Singularity on the day?

2 Mar 2016 LazerDoofus

@kollapse constantly, almost every game in fact, it allows eater to prevent scoring, kill san sans, kill corp towns all of which this deck needs to be able to do to win

2 Mar 2016 kollapse

@LazerDoofus That sounds reasonable, I haven't really played with the card enough to get a feel for it. Siphon MaxX seems pretty well positioned right now, will give this deck a go.

4 Mar 2016 kollapse

Ok so I've played a couple of games with the deck as-is, and I must say I have to agree with you on Singularity. I have used it in most games, and it has won me most of them. I haven't met any Foodcoats yet so I'm not sure how the Caprice matchup is, but I can see this being very potent.