My Undefeated Titan Deck: ANRPC Charity Event 2

Sanjay 3498

This deck went UNDEFEATED at the ANRPC Charity Event that me and Code Marvelous organized.

This deck follows a simple 3 step plan:

Step 1: Get a Viktor 2.0 routine to fire and put a power counter on it.

Step 2: Score a Helium-3 deposit and put two more power counters on Viktor.

Step 3: Play Defective Brainchips and give the runner 2 brain damage a turn until they die or you run out of power counters.

Repeat Step 2 and Step 3 as necessary.

How the rounds went:

Round 1: I sat out this round because we had an even number of people and I didn't want anyone to have a bye.

Round 2: I sat out this round and got to watch an absolutely charming PAD Factory + Builder of Nations deck on stream. What a good econ card for BoN!

Round 3: I sat out this round also! What a coincidence.

Round 4: Someone had to leave early so I hopped in so nobody would have a bye. I accidentally rushed to 7 points before I could execute my plan. The runner was on Brain Chip though so it would have been pretty hard.

Cut: Despite being undefeated during the tournament, apparently 6 prestige was not enough to make the cut after 4 rounds of swiss.

I finished with an extended strength of schedule of 4.25! That's really quite exceptional, but we unfortunately forgot to award prize support for best eSoS.

Deck Thoughts

The deck is pretty close to perfect. The only problem is that you are obligated to put 14 points of non-Helium-3 Deposit agendas in your deck, which increases the odds that you win the game some other way, which means you can't Defective Brainchip kill the runner.

22 Mar 2018

Congrats to the "win" ;-)

22 Mar 2018 Conphas

Pretty easy to go undefeated when you brought a prerotation list!

23 Mar 2018 Sanjay

@ConphasThe good thing about this list is that once Helium-3 rotates the chances of getting the combo to fire will only become slightly less likely!

23 Mar 2018 Conphas

I just want you to imagine my surprise that such a powerful card was NOT a 5/3. I thought for sure I had won.

23 Mar 2018 gilesdavis

What if the Vik never fires..?

23 Mar 2018 Sanjay

@gilesdavis Then you aren't ready for step 2 of the plan.