Yes That Ice Carver is for FC3 - Philippine Nationals Top 3

profwacko 104

Basically good stuff Val with E. Strikes instead of Film Critic.

The Employee Strikes were a meta call. Being part of a small meta, it's more likely that you run into some janky decks in swiss, and I felt E. Strikes would do much better across the board than Film Critic. Sadly, in practice I barely used the E. Strikes when it mattered, like against CI.

Having 5 currents is great against Corps that rely on them though, Scarcity is basically a waste for them if you time your currents right.

I slotted in a single Ice Carver for a chance to save some credits against CI. You still don't want to be running FC3 or Ichi 1.0 over and over, but Black Orchestra and MKUltra just suck so much. It did help the Aumakua counters pump up faster in one game, so I think it's a solid include in this deck. There is some synergy with The Turning Wheel because it allows you to run more. $

21 Nov 2017 jrda25

Nice card choices. Great running & congrats on making the cut, Joaq@profwacko!