Seamless Rush (1rst, 7th, 10th at Early Bird; 9-0)

Testrunning 1123

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Want to win in 7 Turns or less? Want to never advance a 4/2 and still have a click left to install the next one all while still making money off of it?

This newly launched deck does precisely that! After testing @lostgeek decided to improve upon my initial design (2x Sprint, 1x Whitespace -> 2x Gatekeeper, 1x CVS) and to play this at the Early Bird tournament.

@happy and @HerbartKlopstock also played this deck, which went undefeated that day for a combined score of 9-0 and an overall win for the geek (congratz). (Ironically I decided to try a different PD which was bad and I placed accordingly)

Card choices

General game plan: You want to rush out as fast as you can. For that you have play (in order of importance):

  • Click compression while scoring: La Costa, Seamless Launch
  • Card draw: Rashida, VLC, Spin
  • Defensive cards: Skunkworks, BC (remember that with the new timing structure of the run you can't fire BC after Skunkworks! Both still tax the runner, so both are good).

Precision Design: Precision design gives you three things, which all further the game plan:

  • Smaller Decksize: Makes the rush more consistent
  • Recursion: You mainly recur Launches to chain your scores. If you have enough but lack agendas, recurring Rashida can also be good. Other tricks include recurring stargated agendas and installing them in the remote in the same turn and recurring VLC after a Luminal score to go zoom.
  • More handsize: Allows you to play VLC and Rashida more easily.

Agenda Suit: This is the backbone of this deck. Apart from Ikawah, all your agendas are tempo positive on score. This allows you to chain your scores. This also means that you only want to score Ikawah as your last agenda. This deck does not play GFI or Vacheron as those only help against losing on centrals. Because of your speed, you are not afraid of this, while Ikawah hleps you close out the game in the remote.

Also thanks to @qvm for the idea to replace Arella with La Costa and the rest of the NWE group for testing.

9 Apr 2021 JakeHelms

Seamless Launch go brrr. This deck is so cool, and incredibly tight-built. Really fun to play!

17 Apr 2021 the.jxc

Question: Why NGO Front?

NGO front is 4 clicks for a net 6 cred gain. So cash-wise inferior to Hedge Fund. The key advantage is that it can be used to sucker in a run (with one or two advance tokens).

But this deck is a No-Advance, not a double-advance. So I can't see that the NGO is going to be very convincing! :)

21 Apr 2021 adquen

@the.jxc: NGO is really good with La Costa Grid. Either you bait a run, or they leave it uncontested, you advance once more and get 8 credits for 2 clicks. It's also additional economy - the decks already plays 3 copies of Hedge Fund, you can't play six.

23 Apr 2021 Davidmc7

And now VLC is banned... Dang.

23 Apr 2021 errantmage

Now that VLC is banned, how effective is straight-swapping them for 3x Red Level Clearance? You won't be quite as fast, but are you still fast enough?

24 Apr 2021 steve_rhino

Tried it tonight with just a flat swap for 3x Red Level, and it's just as strong. Still drew 15 cards by turn 4