Zoomies (Seams Good)

NetDad 796

Same Same, but Different

It's the Seamless Launch deck, but for a new week. The novelty here is to cut Skunkworks for NEXT Activation, a card that screams "Attention: The Corp is scoring an Agenda!". The upside is high: it helps solidify the gearcheck rush plan by taking out common runner tricks like Botulus and Boomerang, it costs nothing, and powers up FC3 and Ansel. Still weak to Inside Job.

I'm not 100% sure Ansel is the right call over the third FC3, especially since the Boomerang - DooF combo and the relatively recent problem of Mayfly are both stronger against Ansel. Overall the core of this deck is great and unchanged, there's plenty of room for your Personal Touch.

If you want to beat this deck you need a solid plan to steal the first agenda the corp puts in the remote, preferably the first two. The deck tends to fall apart if it can't gain money by scoring. Good luck, and have fun!