The Shape of Shadows

CodeMarvelous 19757

I have been using this deck for a while now and it is terrifying to play against. It runs most servers for free and can when piloted well produce a hard R&D Lock.

Helpful ai and underworld contacts produces the 3 real credits I need per turn as well as giving me an emergency boost for my stealth breakers when I need it.

You definitely do not need all stealth cards in play to make full use of this deck. Clone chips are usually used for SMC to get the other cloaks once the breakers are down.

All in all this is probably my favorite shaper deck to date. You haven't lived until youve broken a janus and an archer in the same server for zero actual credits.

16 Sep 2014 x3r0h0ur

Cool, nice improvements. I'm curious if you're hurting for HQ multi access. I know CI isn't big now, but it's always a darkhorse for me. You never hurt for stealth credits either? Does blackat really feel that much better than corroder?

16 Sep 2014 Alsciende

Add a The Personal Touch maybe? BlacKat+The Personal Touch = break Eli 1.0 for 1 stealth credit.

16 Sep 2014 prozz

is maker's eye useful here? just few events in deck.

16 Sep 2014 prozz

i meant same old thin above ofc ;)

16 Sep 2014 CodeMarvelous

I am drawing though my deck extremely rapidly in this deck so I need to able to hit levy AR to recycle cards for net damage as well as recycling ghost runner

16 Sep 2014 Diegofsv

I think we are really close to something great here....nice deck.

16 Sep 2014 Alrik_40000

Yeah, my problem with this deck is that I don't really see much in the way of multi-accessing here. I tried something kind of like this at my local store's tourney this weekend, and Legwork still kicked major ass. I'm pretty sure my opponents would have been able to sneak more stuff past me if not for that card...

You can have cheap runs all day long, but you're still only seeing one card at a time...

Also, with no John Masanori, no Diesel/Quality Time, and no Replicator, how are you actually getting through the deck that fast? Pro Contacts alone?

13 Oct 2014 Kngrichard

Really close to something I have been running for a while.

Main difference is that I use kati for real credits and modded to get some interfaces out for free as the multi access. The one of box-e is also nice something and basically evreything installs for free with kates ability. Clone chipping the smc's for cloaks or the other steal breaking just feels really good.

The idea of a general turn is make a run, get a card with professional contacts, install something., to whatever with the last click. Rince and repeat until 7 points :)

The helpfull AI and underworld contact is really interesting. Will give that a go since the support econ of the deck is still something I'm unsure about.

13 Oct 2014 Kngrichard

Forgot to add a link to the deck:

14 Oct 2014 SlySquid

(Starts a slow clap...) Best stealth deck I've seen too date, no nonsense and aggressive... I'd love to see how my RP fairs... That said, I'm going to be the jerk and ask how you feel about Ash 2X3ZB9CY and Caprice Nisei? Do you go straight for the R&D lock and not worry about the remote or do you plan on keeping constant pressure and trash everything as they come out...?

22 Nov 2014 slevin38

How is it handling Blue Sun: Powering the Future? Curtain wall is expensive for BlacKat and Switchblade is much better agaisnt Archer than Dagger