Event Recycler

koga 1434

This is one of the most fun decks I got to theorycraft, build and play. It's the spiritual successor to PTSD, with enough memey and experimental stuff.

You mostly want to stack Bankhar synergies, play very aggressively with it and wreak havoc. With Aumakua and Botulus in the mix, corp ice seems to matter very, very little. You don't need much to win, just find the agendas lol

It went 3-1 at the latest local GNK, losing to a very cool NEH plan. PE and 2xOutfit bit the dust.

Additional stuff I didn't get to experiment enough with:

  • First Responders: I literally just realized it works with Bankhar
  • Reclaim: you can ditch Steelskin, recycle events with Aniccam
  • Kit: maybe Aniccam + Abaasy is cool there, Reclaim is in faction too

Anarch is busted kthxbye

1 May 2023 mr_pelle

This is brilliant! <3

2 May 2023 koga

@mr_pelle <3