Knobelus (5th at Reading CO)

FreeformJazz 178

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Corp list

Things I dislike about playing runner:

Cue Tag-me Freedom! Inspired by Baa Ram Wu's Freedom of Information with some changes:

  • Swap (MKUltra, Black Orchestra, Yusuf) for (God of War, Leech, Boomerang)
    • The standard breaker suite is way too MU intensive for my taste, I found God of War + Leeches + Paperclip to be serviceable while leaving MU for more nasty viruses, especially when you have so many other tricks to invalidate ice like Botulus, Boomerang, and Hippo
    • God of war giving 2 virus counters + 1 tag each turn is also super nice for Freedom trashes and getting Counter Surveillance to ridiculous numbers (just make sure you can pay for it! You must pay exactly X even if you access less than X cards). Making PE trash their own Keeling is also hilarious
  • Added the Running Hot + Rogue Trading Combo
    • It's pretty funny to have so many credits you need to borrow your opponent's tokens. It does take out 3 cards from your grip though so make sure you have enough cards left to survive BOOM!
    • Also needed to fund all your 15 card Counter Surveillance digs thanks to God of War
  • Swap (Labor Rights, Moshing) for (Raindrops cut stone, Gachapon)
    • I often struggled to draw enough useless cards to trash with moshing, especially without bin breakers and having alot of combo pieces I want to keep in hand, so I swapped to a less handstate dependent draw package.
    • Raindrops is also great for poking HQ or the remote with tempo, forcing the corp to either go broke rezzing ice while giving you much-needed draws or lose their cards in HQ/installs.

Went 4-1 on the day, only losing to a Jemison that was probably winnable if I just remembered to draw up against Urtica/Clearinghouse

1 May 2023 Baa Ram Wu


"Playing around damage, Playing around tags, Whiffing on accesses" - this is exactly the reason I like this deck too!! I need to experiment more with a pure GOW build! I think I would still want to play a Yusef though - but I guess MU becomes an issue!