smoke(run(event), equivocation);

martinimon 269

1) Get Equivocation out early, mulligan if you have too.

2) Run R&D or RUN R&D Not really much more to this deck that that, its a pretty fun deck.

Nanotek is getting changed for a different killer, was far too costly. Probably will drop nanotek for afterimage and make room for Net Murcur or slight change of influence for Trickster Taka. Eitehr way, this deck was a lot of fun to play in a store champ and GNK as is.

31 Aug 2020 Saan

Seems like if you're not running Stealth cards, you might as well play Chaos Theory, since she can deal with a larger amount of programs sooner.

1 Sep 2020 ValkyriezGaming

@martinimonIs there anything better than ark lockdowning a clippy from the bin?

Cool deck idea, and it was a bit scary to play against round 1, turn 1 pillaging R&D and putting me on teh back foot. Outfit too strong in the end, god bless Trebuchet and Bulwark for keeping R&D Safe.

1 Sep 2020 martinimon

@Saan, Yeah no stealth stuff, I thought of running CT instead, but decided not too in the end, for the most part never felt like I needed that extra mem, for how I was playing this, that 1 extra cred for breaking stuff was useful. Revamping this deck a little so Im running afterimage, trickster tika and net murcur. Making Smoke relevent for that varient.

@ValkyriezGamingCan't beleive I was talked into chaning my 2 corroders into that paerclip the night before. The one time I make that switch I get arc lockdowned ahaha

I didn't even see Bulwark. That Trebuchet alone gave me a really hard time ahaha But yeah, its a fun deck more so than a good deck, only really good if you manage to to get stuff really fast against rnd.

2 Sep 2020 ValkyriezGaming

@martinimonIf I was making some rando changes to the list I reckon this would be what I'd do.

  • Get rid of Euler, get Engolo if you want to stay on the stealth-less version. Its more versatile, and the single breaker is going to get you moving further. Euler is ok on the install turn, it's pretty bad after that.
  • Keep Clippy is you want, or go Corroder. Personally, I'd go corroder because of Khusyuk.
  • Speaking of Khusyuk, 3 x Rezeki, kati Jones, Corroder and a Beth gets you to that magic number of 6, and with equivocation its a 7 card dig. I'd go 2x to seal the game. You also avoid traps.
  • Drop Nanotk, get Ika.
  • Whistleblower...... it's just bad. There's not a better way of doing it, but it's just a bad card.
  • If you go with Chaos Theory, there's probably room for 2x Pelangi to help Engolo get you into places you want to go.
  • If you drop Labor Rights you can grab 1x Harmony AR Therapy, which will get your Mobius and Data Breach back and free some influence up.
  • All that free influence, take your pick really. Probably some kind of balance between Stimhacks or Peace in Our Time.

I dont think going stealth will help. Getting NM down, spending inf on Afterimage all just takes too long. Ideally all you want is equivocation down, engolo on the board and events in your hand and money. Anything that makes that a slower process doesn't need to be in the deck.

4 Sep 2020 martinimon

@ValkyriezGaming Those are some good suggestions, might try them out, thanks