Data Breach

Data Breach 0[credit]

Event: Run
Influence: 1

Make a run on R&D. If successful, you may make another run on R&D when this run ends.

Once a security flaw is identified, there's only a limited window to exploit it before it's patched. Runners call this period "open season."
Illustrated by Juan Novelletto
Decklists with this card

Blood Money (bm)

#28 • English
Startup Card Pool
Standard Card Pool
Standard Ban List (show history)
Blood Money
  • Updated 2024-01-18

    UFAQ [Michael Boggs]

    If a Runner with Doppelgänger uses Data Breach, can he or she choose in which order their effects trigger?

    Both Doppelgänger and Data Breach meet their trigger condition at the same time, so the Runner chooses the order the effects trigger. Once the additional run from either effect has completed, then the other ability triggers and the Runner may initiate another run. Either (a) the Runner chooses to trigger Data Breach first, makes a run on R&D, and then makes an additional run with Doppelgänger’s ability; or (b) the Runner makes an additional run with Doppelgänger’s ability, and then makes an additional run on R&D after that run completes.


Seems kind of hard to make good use of.

The two main reasons are that it:

  • Is secretly very expensive; The cost to break the ice is most likely more than 2-4, which could easily pay for a The Maker's Eye or an R&D Interface instead.

  • Does not provide additional accesses; Unless the top card(s) of R&D are removed somehow, then you will only be accessing the same card(s).

So, clearly this needs to be combined with some other cards to make it worthwhile, here are a few candidates:

  • Temüjin Contract can deal with the additional break cost.

  • Parasite and Cutlery will lower the break cost (providing the "open season" the card refers to)

  • Vamp can also remove this break cost by removing their credits for rezzing ice.

  • DDoS + False Echo can also stop them rezzing any ice.

  • Medium gains counters, providing extra accesses with each run.

  • Deep Thought and Chakana gain counters I guess?

So I see two scenarios I would bother using this in:

  • A Dyper deck, (a deck that uses DDoS/False Echo, Hyperdrivers, Medium and Keyhole to make 10+ runs on R&D for a silly number of accesses.) wherein this is a bad All-nighter for several reasons. (and that's rarely used anyway)

  • An Ice-Destruction Anarch deck, where this could allow them to get another run with medium when peeling away ice. wherein this is probably not worth the influence, since you could spend it on Clone Chips instead.

Overall, I don't think this will ever see any real play, unless a crazy card that goes with it appears.

(Blood Money era)
Maybe also Maya, since you have more options to cycle the cards, in that case this gives you an extra clic. But still, very niche. —
In aditiona to Maya, Imp assures you you can trash the top card if you don't like it. Together you can access 2 cards on a Medium (for example) and then see 3 more cards on the same click. —
Deep Thought also shows you the top card of R& if it's already charged, you can see if you can get rid of the top card when you run it. That at least means this will never be outright dead with a Deep Thought sitting around. —
There's also top hat —
That awkward moment when the Criminals got themselves a better version of this card. —