Everybody died except for Swiftie (4th at BLM)

disperse 200

I'm posting this list on behalf of @The King who piloted this deck to 4th place at the BLM tournament. I had the pleasure of being his "Oracle" for the tournament, narrating cards over Discord and operating JNet while he told me what to do.

I relieve myself of responsibility of how this deck was used, I was only doing as I was told...

The rest is in The King's words:

When the new ban list came out I was looking for a deck that was fast, had lots of econ, and had a good secondary win condition.

Little did I know that the secondary win condition was the only win condition I would need...

Deck choices:

I want to say thank you to Steve for telling me to take out the SDS Drone Deployments and replace them with SSLs. The added econ certainly helped with not losing tempo against 419 and landing kills.

Another shout out goes to Archived Memories; being able to pull out anything from the bin at any time makes it so no runner is safe.

Dedication Ceremony... MVP. Both for quickly advancing a City Works Project to set up the Punitive kill or for supercharging a Reversed Accounts for a quick 12 credit loss.

And Punitive Counterstrike is one of my favorite cards.

In the swiss, this deck beat MaxX, 419, Iain, and Hoshiko and lost to Swiftie's 419 (we'll meet again Swiftie).

In the cut, this deck beat Leela and 419.

All the wins were by flatline once by boom and five times by punitive.

Thank you to everyone who helped with being an Oracle, all the practice paid off.

I want to especially thank @disperse for Oracle'ing almost 12 hours of Netrunner. Next time I ask him to Oracle for a tournament he's going to say "No". (We'll see about that...)

Thanks to all of the organizers, NISEI, and everyone who played and otherwise participated in this great tournament.

29 Jun 2020 cranked

the king is a man after my own heart who truly believes that all runners must die. i love him and i respect him. keep on killin' 'em all, my dude.

29 Jun 2020 tanderson

Iconic deck name

29 Jun 2020 Swiftie

Looking forward to the future games.

29 Jun 2020 boreira

Really nice list and a result cograts!

30 Jun 2020 d1en

HB sucks pass it on