Azmari monster (SOCR8)

Krasty 541

crazy monster... Embolus and a lot of economy is enough to score out ... if not, just "Punitish" him.. :o)

3 Dec 2018 Krasty

Just small ego booster down here in comment -> this monster ended up 6:1 among two players (@Trissmagistos won tournament with it) ... one loss was due to couple of mistakes and very good play of my oponent...

3 Dec 2018 Longi

Nice monster Krasty!

6 Dec 2018 Rodge

This deck was disgusting. @Trissmagistos bid 7 (!?!?!?!) in CR against me (started with 2 cards and 1 credit) and still won :( It did help that he did manage to draw an NGO Front, which did really help of course.

It's a great deck, very formidable in this format!