~STARTUP~ Poor Mans Game (1st at South SanSan Startup GNK)

Kenhie 71


Hello and welcome to my Ted Talk as I explain why Noise needs to be brought back as a Runner instead of DJ'n at some random club.

Jokes aside, I really wanted to create a deck where milling(sabotage) was a big factor in my games since, I like to live in the past and reminisce the good ol' days of running Noise. At first, I thought Esa would be the best choice considering her ability was in fact, sabotaging. But as I kept playing her and trying to make things work I found some roadblocks. I ran into a major issue of either not having enough credits or not able to draw enough cards. I would inflict core damage to myself and bring my hand size to 2 but I'd just end up head banging myself into the ground. So I had to find other options.

Turns out, Loup is exactly what I was looking for. His ability allows Imp and Fencer to shine. Having Keiko as a console to combo with both Fencer and Poemu allowed me to install programs/hardwares/resources for 1 credit or free while gaining that credit back OR trash assets using Imp or Fencer allowing Loup's ability to fire + gaining a credit from Keiko.

Avgustina Ivanovskaya just makes this solitaire deck work because without it, I would fall behind heavily. It's Noise with a limit.

Nihilist definitely was a card I overlooked at first until a friend highly recommended me to add to the deck. At first I thought, with Loup's ability, I would have enough card draw, but man oh man. Little did I know how powerful Nihilist truly was. The fact that it's a mill from RnD or draw 2 cards is a much powerful addition that, honestly, allowed my hand to be constantly at 5. Plus the unknown of milling the top of RnD and risk trashing an agenda or a very needed corp card is a decision Corp struggles to decide.

If you read this far and you kept asking yourself, "WHERE ARE THE BREAKERS?". Well, you came to the wrong deck because there aren't any breakers. That's right, Breakerless baby! Use those Chisels with Devil Charm to destroy big ice. Use Botulus for those pesty ice that you can't be bothered blowing up. Use Boomerangs exclusively for a surprise attack or if you suspect a magnet. Now sadly. 2 magnets in one server? Yeah... you're out of luck. BUT F*** that server, go onto a different server and go nuts. Botulus and Boomerang in the wrong ice? Use Rejig. They trash ice that was holding your Botulus? Use Simulchip! INSTALL VIRUSES EVERY TURN BECAUSE SABOTAGE IS GREAT.

So thank you for listening to my Ted Talk. I'm honestly very happy how this deck turned out. I hope this deck can bring you some happy memories of playing Noise back in 2014 :)

First Round - Won against Weyland: Building a Better World
Second Round - Won against HB: Precision Design
Third round - Won against NBN: Near-Earth Hub
Ended the day 3-0