Mighty Morphin' Power Counters

Cobalt 117

My MirrorMorph deck for the Warwick Uni CO. It was wonderful to see everyone - ended up coming 5th, which I was pretty happy with!

Standard MirrorMorph fare really - use the ability in combination with Nanoetching Matrix to make stupid amounts of money while using MCA Austerity Policy to squeeze the runner. Then, when appropriate, use it or Biotic Labor to fast advance agendas. Thank you to KingSolomon for the ice suite revision!

Kind of lives or dies by whether you can score a Global Food Initiative, but between it and Megaprix Qualifier you're bleeding fewer points than you're scoring. Mostly. Still undecided as to the correct amount of Biotic to play, but two or three Pop-up Window is probably correct. Give it a whirl!